Starting January 2017, FasCat will donate 10% of its Training Plan sales to charity. When you buy a FasCat Training Plan you will be helping get inner city kids on bikes, little girls into cycling, save cheetahs, and help keep our roads safe to ride on. To name a few…


Many years ago I read Yvon Chouinard’s “Let my People Go Surfing“.  Not for any particular reason other than I was a fan of Patagonia as a company and wanted to learn more. The book primarily focused on their success story thru examples like their human resource policies.  To the name, if the surfing was good, they encouraged employees to go surfing.  Patagonia also pioneered workplace day care and most significantly they created a 1% for the Planet movement which I have always admired.

At the time, I thought about joining 1% for the planet but the beneficiaries weren’t always aligned with the cycling community so I didn’t do anything for awhile.  This past Thanksgiving much to my admiration Patagonia announced they were donating 100% of their Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental groups.  Surprisingly, they brought in $10 million in what many customers were calling a ‘fundraiser for the earth’.  I thought and wished, why can’t FasCat do that?

And so when FasCat launched it’s Training Plans in January of 2017, I realized we could. Therefore, each month we will donate 10% of our Training Plan Sales to a “Charity of the Month”:  12 total, new charity each month. See the product pages for details on which charity is the beneficiary of the month.

Ultimately I’d like to give you the athlete and customer the ability to choose which charity your 10% goes to at checkout.  Standby, please.  Let’s get this rolling and get the web dev for that in 2018.   In the meantime here are the twelve grass root, cycling-centric charities FasCat will donate 10% of its training plan sales to in 2017:

January: Can’D Aid

February: People for Bikes

March: IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association)

April: Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance

May: Bailey Hundo

June: Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado

July: World Bicycle Relief

August: Boulder Junior Cycling

September: Trips for Kids

October: AmyD Foundation

November: Cheetah Conservation Fund

December: Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary

One of the struggles and sticking points I came across when figuring this out was why these 12? And how other organizations like 1% for the Planet decided to give? FasCat and I hope to grow this program in the months and years to come so I decided to get it going and figure it out as we went along.   This 10% for Cycling Charity program needs a name (is that it?) and a hashtag (gotta use the instagrams, haha) so please send me an email with feedback to   How cool would it be if other cycling businesses joined in? Could we create for Cycling what Patagonia did for the Environment?  I think so.