I’m a FasCat Athlete and you can be too…

Our athlete’s results and improvement is a testament to the strong coach-athlete bond that our coaches foster and cultivate.  Read what our athletes are saying about their coaches.

Phil Gaimon FasCat Athlete

Phil Gaimon is a FasCat Athlete and you can be too

Phil Gaimon

28, Professional Cyclist for the Garmin-Sharp Team; Hollywood, California; Coach Frank

I’ve been impressed with the level of communication and expertise that’s monitoring my training.
Training calendar revisions, power-data, metrics, yeah its all there, plus they know the sport of cycling thru and thru and understand the challenges I’m facing.
Knowing that my training and performance is monitored so closely gives me confidence. Try them out and you’ll kick yourself for not doing so sooner.

Jonathan Jacob

US National Road Race Champion (2016)! Master’s Men 35 – 39; Coach Jake

When I first started working with Jake, he basically told me some hard truths after looking at my data over the previous year.
The biggest change that I needed to make was stay away from Zone 1 unless the intent of the workout is recovery.
With that in mind, we set daily and even hourly TSS targets. I find this especially beneficial when doing long rides as it keeps me on track.
I feel like I am much more fit as a result of increasing my intensity and doing more targeted power training.
I always receive great constructive feedback from Jake which helps me to understand where I am at in my training.
Thanks Coach Jake!

Loren Mason

31, Endurance Mountain Biker, Hood River, OR – Coach Nadia

First, I’ll admit that I probably get more excited than I should about increasing power numbers during training. The races is obviously when it matters.
So, sorry to clutter your box, but I there’s no one around I can tell this to that won’t either fall asleep listening, or think me an annoying braggart.
In this morning’s workout I knocked out my best peak power for all values 1 – 10 minutes all within my first start effort!
I could barely imagine seeing numbers like some those 6 months ago.
Thank you for all your help (and putting up with me when I was in a less than stellar place for the first 1/2 the season).
I’m already excited for what could happen next season.

Marcella Paul

64, Recreational & Fitness Rider, College Station, TX – Coach Jake Rytlewski

Your ability to analyze my workouts, give me continual feedback, pinpoint my weaknesses and provide the tools necessary to improve on those weaknesses has been invaluable.
You are the most skilled cycling coach I have ever worked with and I am very thankful to bec a FasCat Athlete.

Rob Bergstrom

45, Mountain Biker, Durango, CO; Coach Frank

I worked with another coach for about a year before coming back to FasCat.
I decided to stop working with them for 2 reasons: 1. cost and 2. the huge amount of hours he required for me to put in (I did them but it caused life conflicts) which was not realistic due to family and work obligations.
And this was a highly reputable coach.
With that, I want to let you know that Frank is awesome, 5 stars for sure.
I like his coaching style, and I feel he is very experienced in training XC Mtb’rs that race road as well.
Accountability, and the huge knowledge base you guys have are the primary reasons why I chose FasCat and I appreciate F ‘s efforts.

Dennis Coombs

62, Longmont, Colorado – Coach Carson Christen

“I started working with FasCat in the middle of March, 2014. At that time my 20 minute threshold power was ~220 watts. In just 2 months, working out 7-14 hours per week, I have increased my threshold power to 270+ watts! FasCat has designed really fun workouts, with lots of variety and every week is different. He also throws in road/mountain and other free form group road rides because he knows I have two biking passions. We have an excellent line of communication that makes training both really fun and very effective As a result, I am getting noticeably stronger in all phases of bike riding after each training block. I am totally blown away about the, quick results I have been able to achieve. I would highly recommend FasCat Coaching.

Bryan Stottlemyer

37, Charles Town, West Virginia

I’ve been working with FasCat Coaching for a few months.
I was pointed towards them, after reading an article written by another coach that is unaffiliated with them, saying that anytime he needs to critically think through an athlete’s training, Frank Overton (the owner) is the first person he calls.
Frank has been awesomely professional and personal in all of my contact with him. My personal coach has been phenomenal in building my training/workout plans, and has been helping me come back strongly from a minor injury and setback. Bottom line, these folks have been amazing.
My legs have never felt stronger in the off season”, and I’m looking forward to seeing what gains we make from here, on the bike. If you’re thinking about some coaching, visit their website take a look.

Tim Keffer

50, Mountain XC, Royal Oak, Michigan

I just wanted to say thank you ! You your team has been awesome!
I’m amazed on one phone call how much you were able to make active in my training calendar.
Thank you – I really feel my training calendar is designed for me!

Colleen Montanya

49, Road Cyclist, Huntington Beach, California

AWESOME coaches. Very supportive and positive, and really takes into consideration my stressful life and interests when planning my workouts.
As a result, I’m getting stronger and stronger in such a short amount of time due to my coaches training plan for me.
As I mentioned, I was struggling in my riding performance before signing on with FasCat Coaching; and now I’m achieving personal bests! I’m extremely stoked with FasCat Coaching!
You guys ROCK! Colleen 🙂

Chris Smith

37 , Road Cyclist, Greenville, North Carolina

Little things like receiving an email of encouragement, wishing me good luck, and reinforcing that I’m ready (from a training perspective) is exactly what I want from a coach, and my Coach never fails to make my time on the bike fun!

Andrew Lincoln

31, Cyclocross, Boulder, Colorado and Coach Frank

Being a full-time desk jockey and a full time wanna be pro cyclist made training pretty much impossible.
FasCat has helped me plan around my crazy life schedule to get on the right path to fulfill my wanna be pro cyclist ambitions.
I can’t thank them enough for this and all the advice that has come with it.

Tom Babinski

36, Chicago, IL Coach Allen

Coach Allen is very accessible and has answered my emails/taken my calls/commented on my workouts immediately-basically in real time.
That was something I was missing from my previous coach and one of the big reasons I went with you guys. So far you are living up to and exceeding my expectations.

Frank R

43, Pearl Rive New York

A BIG win yesterday in the crit race. Loaded field with a few domestic pros thrown in.
Bridged to break in first 5-10 minutes, break of 8 stuck for rest of race, went with every move, attacked break when my pull came up with 1/2 lap to go, went hard for 10 seconds and got a gap then just held until the finish. TEXT BOOK!
All the crit/ sprint workouts you have me doing are absolutely working.
I notice a huge difference in my crit abilities this year, not just my sprint, but all aspects of the race.
My confidence in my fitness has also allowed me to take more calculated risks which have been paying off.
The win also puts me in the series leader jersey, so I’m wearing the yellow jersey just like Froome!!!
Check out the file, THANKS ! ! ! !

George Smith

64, St. Louis/Aspen Coach Isaiah

I have read several comments from people working with FasCat Coaching and their coaches.
I would like to add my experience with FasCat and coach Isaiah Newkirk.
I am 64 years old and have always been active athletically.
I do a fair amount of riding and each summer finds me in Aspen for a month from my home in St Louis.
My goals are to improve my riding performance and fitness. I am pleased that in my first month and a half working with Isaiah,
I have improved my power test by about 23% and my fitness level considerably.
I continue to improve and Isaiah’s coaching has been invaluable.

Don Wilson

53, Stevensville, MI, Coach Nadia

To my coach Nadia Sullivan who taught me to believe in my abilities, and push myself to do things I had never done before.
You knew my weaknesses, my physical limitations, my training injuries, my surgeries (all eight of them), my nutrition concerns, and prepared me as best you could.
I would never have been able to get to the starting and finishing line of an IronMan without you!
You prepared me for a race I never thought possible, and made an impossible dream come true. THANK YOU!