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Ep. 4: Recovery Tips for Cyclists


  This week on the podcast, we’re diving deep into recovery for cyclists. Have you ever heard the mantra, “Train hard, recovery harder”? It’s true; recovery is an absolute cornerstone for performing as an athlete, and it must…

Ep. 3: Gravel Training and Racing


Welcome to the third installment of the FasCat Training Tips Podcast! This week we’re pumped to bring you an episode on all things GRAVEL. Gravel cycling is so hot right now, and we felt like it would be…

Ep. 2: Winning in the Kitchen


  Welcome to Episode 2 of the FasCat Training Tips Podcast! This week we’re talking Winning in the Kitchen. Performing as an athlete extends far beyond training. In order to perform like a Ferrari, you have to put…

Ep. 1: FasCat’s 15 Year History


Welcome to the first episode of the FasCat Training Tips Podcast! We’re really excited to bring you a more in-depth look at our training tips and cycling experience through the podcast medium. Expect regular content covering everything from…

The Benefits of Offseason Weight Training for Cyclists

Off-Season Training

One of the most effective ways to improve during the offseason is incorporating a well-built offseason weight training program. As we’ve written before, offseason weight training can mean a lot of things to cyclists, but in general, we’re…