5 key training habits - Coach Zach Gregg

Zach Gregg has twice won the US time trial national championship and currently races for the UCI Pro Continental team Project Echelon. But getting there took plenty of work and involved a few lessons learned the hard way.

On this podcast, Zach shares five lessons he has learned that apply to all cyclists, plus plenty of tips on how to constantly improve - even when it feels like you're not improving!

1. Progress in endurance sports takes lots of time, expect a cycle of small gains and an occasional breakthrough

2. Have goals that scare you, then create a pathway to achieving them

3. Your watts only matter if your skills are good

4. The easiest way to improve your handling and pack skills is to play (bump drills, ride with friends, ride mixed surfaces, etc)

5. Course recon is a skill, start learning how to utilize available data to learn the “crux points” and weather conditions

Listen to the podcast for Zach's nuanced discussion on each!