Jeremy Powers Cyclocross Camp 2016

Jeremy Powers CX Camp

Cyclocross Coaching from the Current US National Cyclocross Champion

August 26-28, 2016
Join U.S. National Champion Jeremy Powers & the FasCat Coaches for their 7th annual Cyclocross Camp! This camp features 2 1/2 days of coaching by Jeremy Powers!!

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  • Perfect mounts & dismounts
  • Faster, smoother race starts
  • Better cornering and bike handling
  • Optimize your bike for the race conditions
  • Practice & Reps with Coach Feedback

Location: Butter World Headquarters, 6152 Hygiene Rd. Longmont, CO 80503





12 Week Cyclocross Specific Summer “Base” Training Plan Included! Sweet Spot, Tempo, Skills Drills to build a hemi-powered engine





Ride Jeremy’s Bike! We’ll have several Focus Mares to demo equipped with Clement Tubulars!

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Cyclocross Bike Fits by John Verheul are included!

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Our 7th annual cyclocross camp starting August 26th in Boulder, CO is a single turnkey solution for cyclocross skills & training.  From beginners to pros we’ll cover everything you need to learn and work on to have a great cyclocross season.

Our camp is in August (!) before the cyclocross season. The benefit here is that you can learn all the skills, get your bike set up, and then you’ve still got time to train and work on the skills you learned before the season starts. We are going to teach you how to mount & dismount your bike, suitcase and shoulder your bike and then we’ll work on cornering, cornering & more cornering!

Contact Frank Overton, or call 720.406.7444 with any questions