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Coaching Advice Tips

Training Tips for Cycling with Coaching Advice and Expertise from the FasCat Coaches.

“A” Race Preparation: 6 Key Elements

Coaching Advice

Cycling season is in full swing and many riders are lining for a crit or road race almost every weekend. But every rider should pick one or two races to key on and make their season priority. Typically…

Switching from Base to Race

Coaching Advice, Intervals, Training with Power

Now that we’ve hit the home stretch of winter and the first season’s races are on the horizon, intervals looms large for all well prepared cyclists.  I’m not talking about sweet spot or tempo intervals; I’m talking full…

Try Our Free 4-Week Cycling Training Plan!

Coaching Advice, Training with Power

In addition to 3-levels of annual coaching, we also offer a wide-variety of virtual cycling training plans. These cycling training plans are built with the same philosophies that we use in building our annual coaching plans, however, they…

Eight Ways to Improve Your Cycling

Coaching Advice

If you ride bikes long enough you’ll make plans to do a ride or event that scares you a little bit. Like the Haute Route or a Gran Fondo.  100 miles? Let’s go. 8,000 feet of climbing? Sure,…

What to Do When You Feel Sick

Coaching Advice

I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for over ten years because nearly every week I get the: ‘Coach, I’m getting sick, what do I do?” Practicing what I preach, “Always seek the help of a medical…

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Masters Cyclists

Coaching Advice

You’ve probably heard of the book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.  I’m a fan and over my coaching years, I’ve noticed how the same principles apply to cyclists: their habits to be successful. Most masters cyclists are…

Recovery Techniques for Improved Cycling Performance

Coaching Advice

Sleeping and eating are the two best recovery techniques for athletes.  From beginners to pros, sleeping longer and eating better will improve your cycling performance in training and racing. After sleeping and proper nutrition, massage, compression garments, stretching, active recovery…

Transform your Cycling in 9 Ways

Coaching Advice

A year ago my new year’s resolution was to double down and make 2016 my year to have a great cycling season. You know, ‘get serious’.   This motivation came from two cyclocross seasons of getting my ass kicked.…

Take a Recovery Day to come into Form

Coaching Advice

by Frank Overton: June 15, 2015 Now that racing has begun or is about to begin its time to go fast. You’ve lifted weights this winter, suffered through the horrible winter to put in your base miles, watched Tour…