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Gravel Tips

Training Tips for Cycling with Coaching Advice and Expertise from the FasCat Coaches.

Gravel Skills and Tips

Gravel, Podcasts

 Spring is around the corner and that means dried-out roads, sunshine, and GRAVEL. While gravel riding and racing is super hot right now in the cycling world, there are still a lot of cyclists who are intimidated…

How to Do a Gravel Simulation Ride

Gravel, Videos

This video is featured in our Gravel Training Tip that outlines the 4 key factors for gravel race training & preparation: Sweet Spot Training Simulation Rides: distance/duration > nutrition/hydration > equipment) Raising your Chronic Training Load Tapering

FasCat Strava Segment Challenge


Join the FasCat Coaching Gravel Team and take these four Strava segment challenges.  Upload these routes and ride for training and then go back using Strava’s Live Segment feature and go for a PR.  Dare we say a…

How to Make your own Strava Race Course

Gravel, Videos

Coach Frank shows you how to design your own race course using the Strava route planner to take serve as a training tool and race substitute. Ride the route once to establish the segment then challenge your friends…

Breaking Down a Gravel Race

Gravel, Videos

In this week’s live podcast, Coach Frank and Jackson outline everything that you need to know about successful gravel racing and training.The FasCat Athlete Forum is live! Join the discussion here.

Gravel Training


There are 4 key elements to gravel training that I will describe in this training tip.  Many athletes will be relieved to learn that they don’t need to hammer out VO2’s and Tabatas interval workouts to prepare for…