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Training Tips

Training Tips for Cycling with Coaching Advice and Expertise from the FasCat Coaches.

What to Eat Before a Big Ride

Weight Loss

Here is what I eat before a big Saturday ride: 3 eggs 1 cup white rice 1/2 avocado 1 cup spinach 1 cup fruit 3 glasses of water confidential amount of coffee 🙂 These core ingredients can be…

The Cyclist’s Guide to Holiday Survival

Weight Loss

“Everybody has the will to win but few have the will to prepare to win” – Bobby Knight.  What kind of will do you have this holiday season? At FasCat we have the will and we’re prepared to…

Nutrition for Cyclocross Racing

Cyclocross, Weight Loss

Nutrition for cyclocross racing can be challenging given the high-intensity nature of cyclocross races. Nutrition mistakes during and around cyclocross racing are one of the most common ways to sabotage your form on race days this fall. You’ve…

Go Fast Food Choices to Lose Weight and Ride Faster

Weight Loss

Earlier in the year I completed the 14 Day Conscious Cleanse and want to share what I learned with regard to optimal nutrition for training and weight loss.  You may remember my New Year’s transformative blog and 2017…

Using your Powermeter for Weight Loss

Training with Power, Weight Loss

You can use your powermeter to help with your weight loss goals by paying attention to your work expenditure in kiloJoules.  Your ride for 2 hours producing 1,000 kiloJoules of work equals roughly 1 Chipotle chicken burrito. Ride…

Weight Loss for Cyclists

Weight Loss

by Frank Overton, February 2003, revised 2016 Between September and February is the best time for bike racers to lose weight.  As an aspiring cat 4 bike racer I lost 12 lbs  in the off season to get…