Isaiah has been coaching for 10+ years and a FasCat Coach for 5. He came to us as a graduate of collegiate cycling powerhouse Marian University competing in Track, Road, and Cross. Isaiah raced Professionally on the Road for years, racing all over the world, and doing iconic US races such as Tour of Utah and Tour of Colorado. Isaiah started coaching in 2008 when he was asked to coach a little 500 team in his home town of Bloomington, IN. Since then coaching has become a passion for Isaiah and he is eager to help any rider achieve their goals and potential. Isaiah has coached athletes to National titles, World Titles, and to the professional ranks.

Isaiah is a USA Cycling Level 1 coach, TrainingPeaks Level 1, and Certified Skills Instructor. Isaiah was also a speaker at the USA Cycling Coaching Summit 2020.

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Athlete Testimonial’s:

Sunny Gilbert, Pro Cyclocross Racer : 2nd Place at US Pro Cyclocross Nationals (2018)

I get asked some version of this question often: “Do you have a coach”? As an athlete, a professional (both cycling and scientist), a wife, and a pet owner – of course, I have a coach! Life’s busy. And not having to worry about researching and planning out workouts and keeping up with the latest research, is worth its weight in gold. Once you answer the “do you need a coach?” question for yourself, and the answer should be “yes”, you really can’t do better than Isaiah. He is more than just coach putting workouts into a training program. He advises on injury prevention, listens to my concerns and responds encouragingly, and helped me breakthrough to the next level in my performance and enjoyment of my sport!

George Smith, Recreational and fitness athlete, Aspen CO

I am 64 years old and have always been active athletically. I do a fair amount of riding and each summer finds me in Aspen for a month from my home in St Louis. My goals are to improve my riding performance and fitness. I am pleased that in my first month and a half working with Isaiah, I have improved my power test by about 23% and my fitness level considerably. I continue to improve and Isaiah’s coaching has been invaluable.

Terry Rice, Road Racer, Denver CO

I started working with Fascat and Coach Isaiah in 2017, at that point I had an FTP of around 220 watts or 3.6 w/kg. Through Isaiah’s expert guidance and well-structured training plans I was able to increase my FTP to over 4.5w/kg and achieve some great results in my races! I would highly recommend Isaiah and the team at Fascat to anyone who is looking to take their cycling performance to the next level!