Lacey is a Registered Dietitian with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition And Dietetics from Louisiana State University. She competed in acrobatic gymnastics from 2003-2013, during which time she won two national titles. It was also during this time that she became interested in sports nutrition is what ultimately led her to pursuing a career in Dietetics. In 2018 she began racing Mountain bikes in Louisiana and after getting on the podium at Marathon Nationals that same year, decided to move to Colorado Springs to be able to train more competitively. She began racing under COS Racing in 2018 and soon after placed 5th at XC Nationals. In 2020 she joined the FasCat Gravel team and now does that in addition to other marathon, ultra endurance and adventure-style cycling events.

Lacey is an advocate for personalized nutrition and does not support/promote the use of fad diets. Rather, she listens to athletes and works with them to develop a nutrition strategy that promotes overall health, is sustainable, easy to follow & that supports their performance goals. She is also experienced in gut health and autoimmune diseases and is passionate about helping athletes reduce the severity of these conditions through dietary changes.

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