$75 Plans  |  Six-Week Duration  |  Tailored to Your Schedule

Build a custom power-based cycling training plan.

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Every FasCat training plan includes a free 30-day trial of TrainingPeaks Premium with purchase.

If you don't love your experience working with us, we'll refund you. No questions asked.

Whether you work 60 hours per week or have a flexible schedule, we'll customize your plan accordingly.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Full Coach Email Support

Tailored To Your Needs

Custom coaching plans all include e-mail support from FasCat's coaching staff, as well as daily workout reminders.

Free 30-day Training Peaks Premium


Our custom training plans allow you to fine-tune your training to peak for your most important events.

In order to give all of our custom coaching athletes the one-on-one service they deserve, we ask for payment of $75 prior to receiving your plan. After payment, we'll follow up within 24 hours and start building your plan based on the information that you've entered. Athletes usually receive their plans within 48-hours of signing up.

As always, we have a no questions asked refund policy if you're not happy with our service.