Location: Worldwide, but local (Boulder, CO) preferred

Job Summary:
FasCat Coaching is seeking a digital sales and marketing unicorn. He/she will increase our already successful eCommerce Training Plan Sales thru their expertise, passion, and charisma with (but not limited) to the following:


Email & Content Marketing

Infusionsoft/Drip or Equivalent




Social Media Advertising

and be a kick ass graphics designer

What You Can Do:

You can setup AdWord campaigns and track sale conversions in Analytics. You’ll have ideas from the data to sell more and the graphics skills to set up Display campaigns.  Similarly you’ll apply your skills set using AdRoll and any other re-targeting methods you’ve successfully used in the past.

On the content marketing side you’ll have access to 75 high relevant training tips (and more coming from the founder every week) that already ‘do great’ with SEO (Google “sweet spot training”) to improve the sales funnel. Because you have WordPress/WooCommerce skills you’ll be able to further optimize the site to convert visitors that you are driving to the site.

You can also write copy and design killer email campaigns using the above training tip content and our database of 15,000 emails.

On the social media side you’ll be able to easily create ad campaigns and build community. Why? Because you are a unicorn (see below).

Who You are and What Makes You a Unicorn:

You are a digital marketing bad ass with the results to prove it.  In addition to having all the skills, expertise, experience, entrepreneurial spirit and results mentioned above you will be a cyclist, multisport athlete or coached athlete.  As such, you will create digital marketing strategies that resonate with our  demographic to increase our training plans sales.  Along the way because you are an endurance athlete you’ll help build the FasCat community.  Double points will be awarded if you are a former coach that used the TrainingPeaks software platform.

Contractor, Contractor that becomes a Partner, or Partner:

This is a contracted position or a contractor to partner position or a PARTNER position, if you are just the right unicorn and think we are too.  Either way you’ll be comfortable in a startup culture with your creative entrepreneurial spirit.  You may be coming off your last company and looking for a chill ‘next thing’ or you may have 2-3 years of digital marketing experience and want to sink you teeth into a company to see how successful you can make it and reward yourself along the way.

Additional Details and Opportunity:

FasCat Coaching has been around for over 10 years and has a new scaleable coaching business model.  FasCat is 100% founder owned [Frank “BigCat” Overton], cash flow positive and not venture funded. Not yet, at least. You can be a part of that.


Unicorns that meet or exceed ALL of the above the criteria above are encouraged to get in touch with with an introduction providing examples of their work and all the usual ‘stuff’. Only unicorns need apply.