One-on-One Nutrition Coaching: Hunt Level – $174 per 4 weeks

with Lacey Rivette, RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist)

* Includes a one time $99 start up fee *

Whether you are a recreational or a professional athlete, learning how to fuel properly is crucial if you want to optimize your performance, lose weight, promote muscle growth, enhance your recovery or simply to support your longterm health! So what are you waiting for? Let’s work together to design a nutrition strategy that is tailored to your lifestyle, personal goals, makes you feel your best AND helps you go faster!

Each Nutrition Client Receives:

— One Formal 30 minute nutrition consult per month (via zoom or phone call)

— Thorough evaluation of their current diet/food intake & advice on how to improve (verbal and written)

— An individualized meal plan (2 week rotating)

— Personalized nutrition guidelines for before, and after training

— Tips for fueling & hydration during training/on race day

Weekly Feedback via Email and/or TrainingPeaks

— And the biggest perk of all, accountability!

After purchasing:

1. Click here to fill out the New Athlete Nutrition Questionnaire

2. Then begin logging your 3 Day Food Diary (Preferably with one day being a Saturday/Sunday)

3. Schedule a Consult (remember to give yourself time to complete your food diary)


FasCat Coaching

Includes $99 Initiation fee