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15 minute Zoom Coaching Consultation every 4 weeks

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About FasCat Coaching Consultations

  • 15 minute Zoom/Phone Call every 4 weeks

Our Coaching Consultations are the most cost-effective way to optimize your training with your existing FasCat training plan from our expert coaching staff. 

Here’s how your Coaching Subscription will work:

Every month you will have a Zoom call with a FasCat Coach to go into your TrainingPeaks account and review your training, your data, and talk about future training.  You'll also learn and be shown how to

  1. set up your training zones
  2. analyze your power/heart rate data
  3. set up your charts

Every 4 weeks you'll have a Zoom screen share with a FasCat Coach to learn about following the plan better, what to look "@" in your power data, nutrition, sweet spot & interval training + be able to discuss with a FasCat Coach how to set up your off season including lifting weights (or not) and cross training.  You'll also have the opportunity to discuss which training plan to do next. 

For a custom training plan and power data analysis with post activity feedback, you'll need to hire a coach.

Buy 1 year & save 20% 

**This subscription offers you the option to pay on a month-to-month basis or save 20% when you purchase a full year. Minimum 6 month subscription required.

Included in the Plan

  • 15 minute Zoom Coaching Consultation with a FasCat Coach every 4 weeks
  • Discuss your past, present and future training
  • Learn how to analyze your own ride data, charts
  • Buy 1 year & save 20% or go month-to-month (minimum 6 months, required)
  • This product is set to auto-renew on a monthly or annual basis

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