Nutrition Consult

We will analyze your diet, provide a report, consult with you and craft a custom nutrition plan for your goals


About Nutrition Consult

  • Two 30 minute phone consultations 
  • Analysis of 4-day food diary
  • Personalized nutrition program 

Upon purchase, you will fill out a questionnaire about your current nutrition, health, training and lifestyle habits.  The next step will be to schedule a 30 minute phone consultation with Lauren to discuss your goals and dive into the questionnaire.

From there, you will track your food intake for 4 days, using our food tracking app.  Then your nutrition coach will analyze your 4 Day Food Diary for macros, micros, and provide an in-depth Nutrition Analysis Report (see pictures).  In this report you will see what's good and areas for improvement! 

After you receive  your Nutrition Analysis Report, you'll have a second phone consultation to discuss.  Finally, we will design a nutritional program that includes specific food to integrate into your daily eating, easy and nourishing recipes and a pre, during and post workout food plan. 

Included in the Plan

  • Two 30 minute phone consults to review current health, habits and goals
  • 4 Day Food Diary
  • Analysis of 4-day food diary
  • Personalized nutrition program integrating the most nutrient dense foods
  • Delicious Winning in the Kitchen recipes tailored to YOUR nutritional needs
  • Pre, During and Post Workouts Food Plans

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