Optimization & Training Plan Subscription

Unlimited Access to Training Plans, Workouts, Meal Plans and Recipes + Optimized (coming this Summer!) Save 20%, for 1 year i

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About Optimization & Training Plan Subscription

  • all access to FasCat's Training Plans and Workouts
  • daily Optimization (coming this Summer!) from your sleep, HRV, and training data

Plan out your entire year with unlimited access to all our training plans including 500+ workouts to design your own training plan or use ours as a template. 

As long as you stay subscribed you'll have unlimited access to over 100 training plans and 500 workouts.  Includes a private Facebook Group for coaching support! 

AND (!) coming this Summer, your subscription also includes a daily Optimized Report from your ride AND wearable data (sleep & HRV) to let you know if you are training too much, not enough or just right.  

Your optimized metric is a 24/7/365 measurement of your stress - from riding and from life (the other 22.5 hours of the day if you ride 1.5 hours)

Share your Optimization image on Strava or social media to earn FasCat credits to use towards 1x1 coaching and cheetah merch!  

Requirements for Optimization: your own wearable device* to measure sleep and HRV

For non 1x1 coached athletes you will have unlimited access to all of FasCat's training plans (>100), all our workouts ( > 500) including our winning in the kitchen meal plans and recipes.  

*Whoop, Oura, Halo, Apple Watch, HRV4, Fitbit - any device you can record sleep & HRV with

For a custom training plan, power data analysis and to speak with a coach, you'll need to hire a coach.

Buy 1 year & save 20% 

**This subscription offers you the option to pay on a month-to-month basis or save 20% when you purchase a full year. Minimum 6 month subscription required.

Included in the Plan

  • Unlimited Access to our Entire Training Plan, Workout, Meal Plan and Recipe Library
  • Optimize your power and Wearable Data
  • Buy 1 year & save 20% or go month-to-month 
  • Your subscription renews on a monthly or annual basis