Welcome to another periodized Q&A session of the FasCat Podcast, where we field listener questions from our forum, website, and social media to help you get even faster on the bike. This go around we touch on a range of topics, including how best to prepare for a race, interval specificity, gas station bonking, ‘cross training, and more.

Here are the links we mentioned in the Podcast:

Supplemental Oxygen Reference where the BigCat was a research subject:

Randall L Wilber, Paige L Holm, David M Morris, George M Dallam, Andrew W Subudhi, Dennis M Murray, Samuel D Callan, “Effect of FIO2 on oxidative stress during interval training at moderate altitude” Med Sci Sports Exerc . 2004 Nov; 36(11):1888-94.

Conclusion: Supplemental oxygen used in conjunction with high-intensity interval training at altitude (“live high + train low via supplemental O2” (LH + TLO2)) results in a significant improvement in exercise performance without inducing additional free radical oxidative stress as reflected in hematological and urinary biomarkers.

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As we mentioned at the beginning of the episode, we are deeply saddened and shocked at the passing of our friend and two time podcast guest, SBTGRVL founder and great human, Mark Satkiewicz. The cycling community lost a truly generous and passionate member and our thoughts are with his family. If you want to support, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club has set up a Mark Satkiewicz Memorial Fund to support young athletes. Learn more: https://www.sswsc.org/support/donate-now

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