Any retailer can sell you a powermeter; however only FasCat can show you how to use it by coaching you for FREE for one month. Buy a powermeter from us and we’ll be able to tell you what powermeter is right for what you want to accomplish with it. Plus we’ll give you technical support every step along the way.

That includes installing the power-analysis software, downloading files, setting up your charts and showing you how to interpret the data. When you buy an SRM, Quarq CinQo, PowerTap or Stages powermeter from FasCat, we will help you every step along the way. We only sell what we ride and therefore we know the intricacies of each system. We also know what works from the FasCat athletes that are using the very same powermeter systems. Our experience and knowledge makes FasCat the most knowledgeable place to purchase your powermeter.

FREE Coaching from FasCat

From consulting on which powermeter is right for you, compatible with your bike, to installing the software and successfully downloading a file, we’ll talk you thru the entire process.

Once your crank or wheel is on, we’ll show you how to synch your new powermeter to your handlebar computer & set up your laptop to download your training files. Remotely, we’ll talk you thru the installation on the phone. This includes setting up your computer to download, analyze & send your power files easily as email attachments. During your FREE month of coaching we will use your training data to teach you how to train with power.

No Sales Tax for Out of State Orders! We Ship Internationally!

First month of coaching includes:

1. Wattage Based Field Test to determine your power at threshold and training zones in watts
2. Power Based Training Calendar
3. Expert Analysis of your power data and daily Coaching Feedback
4. We will teach you how to use you powermeter
5. FasCat will provide technical software and powermeter support for the life of your powermeter

Buy your powermeter from FasCat and we guarantee you will tap into all the benefits from training with power.

Check out our *FREE* athlete forum, or filling out a New Athlete Questionnaire to have a Coaching Consultation with a FasCat Coach.