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We’re back for another round of Ask FasCat, where we take your cycling training questions and answer them. Questions:
2:01 – Should you use WKO4?
3:43 – Training for a Gran Fondo + Triathlon
5:05 – Workouts for in between MTB races
6:44 – Should you maintain strength training during the season?
8:39 – What Frank is going to do differently for this year’s Crusher in the Tushar
11:03 – Training camp for 40k TT plan?
13:23 – Best utilization of sweet potatoes for Winning in the Kitchen?
16:20 – Risk of burnout using Sweet Spot Training?
18:00 – Pacing a long climb using only heart rate?
23:26 – Fueling as a plant-based athlete after a hard day on the bike
26:34 – Proper cadence for sweet spot vs. tempo
28:51 – What workouts/sports are included in CTL on TrainingPeaks?
31:28 – Training schedule for maintaining fitness after your A race
33:31 – How much Sweet Spot should you do during the build phase?
35:11 – Sweet spot vs. polarized training “Boulder Hippie”
38:49 – Enduro racing training plan?
41:10 – “Magic formula” for optimal power output and metrics during gravel races
44:39 – How to get to 5 watts/kg
49:50 – Heart Rate Variability and the WHOOP
53:03 – Pacing freestyle sweet spot/TSS training rides
55:30 – Can more gains be made with less training + more recovery?

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