As we continue to navigate the weirdest cycling season in history, one of the greatest training tools out there, the group ride, has also been affected. With social distancing rules, group rides are generally a no-go in today’s climate. So how can we mimic the huge benefits of smashing it with your friends on your weekly group ride? Frank and the team of FasCat coaches have 3 quality workout ideas to satisfy the group ride itch while giving you a very similar training stimulus to your favorite weekly throwdown. So, in this episode, Coach Frank and Jackson break down simulating the group ride and how to perform these workouts:

  1. Jake’s Diabolical “Kitchen Sink” workout
  2. Isaiah’s 4 hour, 4 intervals pain cave sesh
  3. Frank’s Freestyle Fartlek / AmEx ride

Remember that just because races and group rides as we know them are cancelled doesn’t mean that training hard and smart is cancelled. Keep pushing the pedals and finding ways to keep working hard and building fitness. FtFP!


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