Video walk through:

Written walk through:

    1. You’ll receive an email from TrainingPeaks with a link to your FasCat Training Plan. Click the link to go to TrainingPeaks to get your FasCat Training Plan.
    2. Log into your TrainingPeaks account or create a new account if you have not used TrainingPeaks before.
    3. From your desktop computer, click to accept the plan to your account.*You cannot apply the plan from a mobile device at this time
    4. Once the success message appears, click “Launch App” under your name in the upper right corner to go to your TrainingPeaks calendar page.
    5. On the left sidebar, click the Training Plan Library icon to find your FasCat Training Plan.
    6. Click on your new plan and set the Start or End date to coordinate with your training and racing schedule, then click “apply.”If your plan is for a specific race, it will have a fixed end date so you only need to click the “apply” button.
    7. Once applied, your calendar will fill up with workouts!
    8. Now go ride your bike!