Ever since we began talking about Winning in the Kitchen two years ago you all have been asking for us to create a cookbook and we thought that was a great idea.  But since adding Lacey Rivette, a Registered Dietitian, to the FasCat team we began to brainstorm and realized we could come up with something even better.  Enter FasCat Meal Plans! These plans are uniquely designed by Lacey to give guidance to even the most unexperienced of cooks so that they can start eating better and riding faster!

How is FasCat’s Intro Winning in the Kitchen meal plan different than others?

Unlike most meal plans, FasCats meal plans are delivered directly into your TrainingPeaks Account so that you get email notifications each monday about what you need to eat or meal prep. You also get PDF’s of your meal prep guide, recipes and grocery list to print out to keep with you when you don’t have access to your phone or computer.

Whats even better is that the meal plans match your training plans, providing more food on days when the training load is heavier (Tuesdays, Wednesday’s & the weekends). Plus are even tips included for how to eat while on the bike to ensure you feel your best and are able to #FtFP. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

What if I am plant-based or have special dietary restrictions?

No worries! All of the meals in our plan are dairy free, gluten-free (when you purchase indicated GF items) and include directions to make all of the meals plant-based. If you have other dietary restrictions, shoot Lacey a question in our nutrition forum or consider signing up for one-on-one nutrition coaching with her.

How are the meal plans structured?

During weeks 1-3 of the plan you will be introduced to 3-4 new recipes. You will make these for all your meals that week so that you can gain confidence in cooking from scratch, learning your portion sizes and decreasing the amount of time it takes you to prepare the meals. Lacey is a big advocate for making nutrition simple and sustainable, which is why you will find 1-2 “flex meals” (not cheat days) on the weekend to allow you to enjoy food with your family and friends or to satisfy that craving you built up from #FtFP’ing your training all week!

In week 4, we begin to encourage you to adjust the recipes based on your preferences and really start testing your own meal planning and cooking skills based upon what you have learned. Don’t worry though, we still provide you with a suggested meal plan in case you still need a little guidance.

What is Meal Prep Monday?

Throughout the plan, you will have specific days (mainly Monday/Sunday) that you meal prep your staple foods like rice, chicken and tofu, which allow you to prepare the majority of your meals in less than 10 minutes. This is KEY to winning in the kitchen, because let’s be honest… If the food is in the fridge almost ready for you to eat, you are much less likely to grab something on your lunch break or on your way home. Plus, you don’t want to let all that healthy food you worked hard on to go to waste!

What do I do once I perfect these meals?

After you complete this meal plan you can move onto our advanced winning in the kitchen meal plans and our weight loss meal plans that will be released in the upcoming weeks! You might even consider signing up for one-on-one nutrition counseling with Lacey if you have specific goals, want to lose weight, need more guidance for how to fuel during training or if you have any specific dietary restrictions.

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Lacey provides education and guidance to athletes about how to make healthy food choices that supports their performance goals, aids in sustainable weight loss, and improves their recovery. We are currently in the process of developing custom nutrition plans and one-on-one counseling with her, so keep your eyes out for those to be released in the near future!