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This week on the podcast we are talking about ways to help you stay motivated!  That’s right motivational tips and tricks to beat the mid-winter blues and follow your plan.  Coach Frank with sound bites from Coaches Isaiah & Jake expand on using these 18 examples to stay motivated in order to achieve your goals:

    1. Remember your Goals
    2. Set a Daily Goal to FtFP (General McRaven’s Make your Bed EveryDay)
    3. Make it Turn Green – same as above, daily goal
    4. Indoor Training – lower the barrier to completion
    5. If you have a 3 hour ride on your plan ride 1.5 hours one way so that you have to ride 1.5 hours to make it back home!
    6. Ride a different bike than the day before
    7. Ride in a new place or new route
    8. Set an FTP – plan a 20 min field test and or a Strava PR into your plan
    9. Travel to somewhere warm and sunny
    10. Ask yourself what would Alaphilippe Do (WWAD)?
    11. Coach Jake :: Zwift Meetups / Group Rides
    12. Coach Jake :: get to Daylight Savings
    13. Coach Isaiah : focus on progression goals
    14. Coach Isaiah :: focus on feeling faster / improvement sensations
    15. Sweet Spot TSS rides when there are no group rides
    16. Watch a Pro Race – like the World CX Champs in Ostend this past weekend
    17. Buy a Training Plan
    18. Hire a Coach

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Phil’s Everesting Video with Coach Frank

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