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Training Tips

Training Tips for Cycling with Coaching Advice and Expertise from the FasCat Coaches.

How to Perform VO2 Max Intervals with your PowerMeter

Intervals, Training with Power

When the hammer drops on your next group ride it is likely a VO2 effort. I see it all the time in reviewing athlete’s power data: the crux of getting into the break, making the selection, or the…

Take a Rest Week to Increase your Power

Coaching Advice

Taking a rest week may seem like you aren’t training but it is during this time that you actually ‘get faster’.  All by not riding your bike and laying on the couch. Patience is tough training!  A well…

Jackson’s Guided Meditation for Cyclists


Join Jackson for a short, 10 minute guided meditation to use while on a ride to cultivate more awareness, mindfulness, and concentration. For more of Jackson’s thoughts on meditation, check out his podcast In The Flow.

Meditation for Cyclists


Meditation has become a buzzword in the mainstream, and you’ve probably heard about elite athletes like LeBron James, Kate Courtney, and others espousing its benefits. But what actually is meditation? Why should we consider starting a meditation practice?…

Black Bean Burgers: Winning in the Kitchen Recipe


Recently, we posted on our instagram page a poll asking our athletes what recipe they were interested in seeing next. They chose black bean burgers, so here they are! These are very versatile and can be made gluten…

How to Do a Gravel Simulation Ride

Gravel, Videos

This video is featured in our Gravel Training Tip that outlines the 4 key factors for gravel race training & preparation: Sweet Spot Training Simulation Rides: distance/duration > nutrition/hydration > equipment) Raising your Chronic Training Load Tapering

Three Ways to Improve Functional Threshold Power

Training with Power

Functional Threshold Power or FTP is the maximum wattage an athlete can sustain for 60 minutes and according to Dr. Andrew Coggan, “the single greatest determinant of cycling performance”1.   FTP has recently come under attack on ‘the internet’…

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Sweet Spot versus Zone 2 Training Plan Design

Sweet Spot, Training with Power

by Frank Overton The physiological benefits of sweet spot training are illustrated in the table below: As you can see, there are more x’s in the sweet spot column than there are in zone 2 and tempo columns…

Master’s Recovery


They say that the true gains made in sport performance come not from the hard training, but from the rest and recovery from the training – the adaptation. This becomes more and more important as we get older,…

Pineapple Carrot Muffins: Winning in the Kitchen Recipe


Below you’ll find our Pineapple Carrot Muffin Recipe! In our last Winning in the Kitchen blog post, we talked about added sugars and how here at FasCat we typically use honey, maple syrup and molasses to sweeten foods…

Added Sugar and Still Winning in the Kitchen?


Should athletes include added sugars in their diet? If so, how much and when?

Recovery for Cycling

Coaching Advice

Sleeping, eating and following a well designed training plan are the three best recovery techniques for cyclists. From beginners to pros, sleeping longer, following a plan and eating better will improve your overall training and racing. These three recovery activities…

Ask FasCat #10 — Coachable Traits, TSS, and Recovery


Welcome to another periodized Q&A session of the FasCat Podcast, where we field listener questions from our forum, website, and social media to help you get even faster on the bike. This go around we touch on a…

Granola: Winning in the Kitchen Recipe


Below you’ll find our Granola Winning in the Kitchen Recipe! In our last Winning in the Kitchen Podcast, we talked about snacks and explained that a good snack should include carbs, fiber, protein and fat. Why did we…

FasCat Strava Segment Challenge


Join the FasCat Coaching Gravel Team and take these four Strava segment challenges.  Upload these routes and ride for training and then go back using Strava’s Live Segment feature and go for a PR.  Dare we say a…

Sweet Spot Polarized Training


Now that you’ve been building a big base, summer is here, and you’re wanting to “sharpen the sword”, we’ve designed a brand new addition to the Sweet Spot training plan fleet: Sweet Spot Polarized. This style of training…

How to Make your own Strava Race Course

Gravel, Videos

Coach Frank shows you how to design your own race course using the Strava route planner to take serve as a training tool and race substitute. Ride the route once to establish the segment then challenge your friends…

Strava Racing Using Routes and Created Segments


 Strava Racing: Using the technology of Strava routes and segments + their live segments feature you can create and simulate race courses.  And best of all, use the segment’s leaderboard for the ‘race results’. Coach Frank and…

The 2 Year Anniversary Episode!


It’s our 2 year anniversary! Hard to believe, but we’ve officially been podcasting for over 2 years. Almost 100 episodes, equaling around 100 hours of audio content to make you a faster cyclist! So today we celebrate by…

A 20 Minute Power-Based Field Test

Podcasts, Training with Power

One key question we ask ourselves as coaches at FasCat, is if the athlete is responding to the training we have prescribed. Aka, are they getting faster? Our favorite “experiment” to answer this question is a good old…

How to Measure FTP Improvement with Normalized Power


 We don’t always have to perform an FTP field test in order to measure our performance. We you may use normalized power during hard effort 20-60 minutes in length, or similar durations during group rides or races to…

Winning in the Kitchen: Snacks


One of the most popular topics we talk about on the podcast is nutrition, and specifically our philosophy of “Winning in the Kitchen”. We’ve podcasted about breakfast, dinner, on the bike nutrition, winning in the grocery store, weight…

Using Strava Live Segments to Perform “Strava-Vals”


This week, we discuss how Strava live segments can “hack” your interval performance by increasing motivation, positive reinforcement, and therefore your power output. A Strava-Val is going as hard as you can like an interval but using the…

Breaking Down a Gravel Race

Gravel, Videos

In this week’s live podcast, Coach Frank and Jackson outline everything that you need to know about successful gravel racing and training.The FasCat Athlete Forum is live! Join the discussion here.

Go Fast Food Choices to Lose Weight and Ride Faster


As an athlete you are a Ferrari and we’d bet if you drove a Ferrari you’d only put the super high octane in it.  Therefore its important for your cycling to recognize the two food groups: the Go…

Coaching USA’s Elite and Embracing Failure with Jim Miller


This week we sit down with Jim Miller, USA Cycling’s Chief of Sports Performance and coach to many of USA’s greats such as Tejay van Garderen, Kate Courtney, Kristin Armstrong, and Lawson Craddock to name a few. Jim…

Zwift as a Training Tool


This week Frank talks about the 3 ways he advises athletes to use Zwift as a Training Tool. They include: #1 Using Alpe Du Zwift #2 ERG Mode # 3 Group Rides and Races Save 25% on your…

Zwift Racing Tips from Coach Jake

Coaching Advice

Zwift racing is a fun way to get in a really hard workout and test your fitness. Expect to be riding at or near your threshold with many burst over for the duration of the race.  The shorter…

Sweet Spot Training with Dr. Andy Coggan, Ph.D


We are honored to talk about sweet spot training with Dr. Andy Coggan, Ph.D on this podcast.  Dr. Coggan is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at Indiana University’s School of Health and Human Sciences.  IU has a doctoral…

How to Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Buongiorno! It has been 15 years since I wrote the original Sweet Spot article and it is nice to hear how many athletes have added it to their training and benefited. I have lurked around on the message boards,…

Ask FasCat #9 — FTP Indoors vs. Outdoors, Corona Nutrition, and Timing is Everything


The podcast this week is another installment of our Ask FasCat series, where we answer listener questions! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions via our forum, and congratulations to the 3 question-askers we selected to win a…

Indoor Workout Motivation

Coaching Advice

The clock ticks. You stare at your power, and it seems like time is standing still. You are 30-minutes into a one-hour trainer ride, and you want nothing more than for it to be over. How do you…

Setting Intermediate Training Goals using Virtual Communities


The whole gravel team is here to check in with the FasCat community about setting intermediate goals using virtual communities to keep the motivation high and training moving forward for the next few months.  You still have your…

Criss-Cross Intervals


Criss-Cross intervals mimic the power demands* of road and mountain bike races. In this training tip, we’ll describe the how, what, where, and why of criss cross intervals and give you some example workouts plus a 4 week interval…

COVID-19 Training


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade as the saying goes. With the cycling season put on hold until May (🤞) there’s now plenty of time to get faster. Two life situations dictate your training approach: do…