As the offseason for most cyclists (sorry, ‘crossers) and fall approaches, it’s time to look back and reflect on your season to see what worked and what didn’t, take stock of your nutrition and training strategies, and use that data to make 2020 even better. This week on the podcast we discuss 4 key areas of this review:

  1. Your Training: Volume, CTL, Intervals & Power Output
  2. Your Nutrition / Winning in the Kitchen – Weight Loss
  3. Skills – makes a huge difference!
  4. 4 Training Ideas to Get Faster for 2020

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We are also hosting a podcast appreciation ride this Sunday, September 8th at 9am, leaving from 3107 Bluff St in Boulder. We’ll have pastries and coffee, and will do a chill spin up to Jamestown. Hope to see you there!

For more conversation, don’t forget to check out our forum at and for more training tips. Enjoy the offseason!