FasCat Athlete Timmy Duggan spends a significant amount of time at the FasCat Performance Center talking with his coach, Jon Tarkington because communication is the foundation of a successful coach-athlete relationship.   Last week, Timmy sat down with Coach Jon to set up his off season training program and here is what he had to say about it:

What are your goals this off season and how are you training to meet those goals?

My first goal this offseason is to get my injured leg completely back to normal. I just got the metal hardware out this week that repaired my broken leg at the beginning of this season, and I already feel like a different person. Ill take this opportunity to re-focus on my leg strengthening rehab. Ill also use the winter to address my weaknesses in the explosive effort department, doing a lot of short, high intensity strength and power work.

Can you describe the ways you keep your training diverse in October?

Im doing a lot of mountain biking, hiking, & work in the gym. Plus manual labor (!); it’s productive AND and a good workout.  On the bike, I’m trying to just keep it fun. For about 330 days/year, every ride I do has a goal and a specific focus. Its rare I ride solely for the fun of it. If I want to do an easy spin on the road bike, that’s great. If I wanna do a 7 hour epic on the mountain bike, that’s great too. Its nice to re-kindle that love to ride.

We stress (& coach) year-round to our FasCat athletes about balancing their life: family, parenting, relationships, career, etc…  What do you do to enhance balance to your life in the off-season?

I’ve been learning about myself my whole career in terms of the optimal way to go through the offseason. Its a fine balance between getting the rest you need but not shutting down too much because its really hard to get that ball rolling again come December and January. Off the bike, I do those things I never have the time or energy for during season. Hanging out with family or friends at the spur of the moment, volunteering or charity events, visit wifes school, going to church.

I catch up on regular life stuff and the to do list I’ve been neglecting the last 11 months. Once I’m back on top of all that stuff, I can get back into training without it weighing down in the back of my mind.

When you met with your Coach Jon Tarkington, what sort of topics did you two cover?

We were planning out the first month of the offseason. After mapping out various commitments like weddings and trips, we figured out what I’m motivated to do and we run with it. In my case, I could mountain bike, hike with the dogs, and split firewood all day long for a while. So I’m doing a lot of that, along with a bit of structure in the weight room re-addressing my injured leg.

How are you and Jon working together to meet your goals for the 2014 season?

One of Jon’s big roles for me, as with any coach, during this first part of the offseason, is holding me accountable, checking in often with me to make sure I’m doing what I say I’m gonna do. Like I said earlier, a goal of mine this Fall is to not shut down too much, keep the ball rolling by staying active and fit and not gain much weight. We’re also designing some creative ways to train. For example, I’m doing some scree hiking…scrambling around on loose rocks on a steep slope. That type of stimulus really works my injured leg hard, getting the small control muscles back. Were also planning on combining some mountain biking with hunting…think bikes with gun racks.

This is your 10th year training full time in the off-season, can you describe some of the innovation Coach Jon is bringing to your training so you can improve upon previous seasons?

This year I’ll be working more on my explosiveness in the offseason. My injured leg really needs that type of work to get back to normal strength, and those types of efforts aren’t my strongest suit anyways. So Jon will be designing some difficult but stimulating workouts for me. You can’t keep doing the same types of intervals every year because you will simply get the same results.

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