In addition to 3-levels of annual coaching, we also offer a wide-variety of virtual cycling training plans. These cycling training plans are built with the same philosophies that we use in building our annual coaching plans, however, they require the athlete to be self-motivated and follow their plan without as much weekly guidance from a coach.

Our cycling training plans vary in length between 6-weeks and 32-weeks. These plans are ideal for the athlete who wants to develop a specific skill, such as top-end power for road racing with our Road Racing Intervals Plan. Athlete feedback on these plans is very positive and shows that running your own interval-based training plans is not only hard to set up but even harder to follow on your own.

Cyclists love our training plans because they offer them the ability to pick and choose which plans to follow (and when). They also provide daily reminders of what your workout for the day should be, as well as access to the TrainingPeaks app for uploading and tracking performance.

All of our training plans are built and delivered in TrainingPeaks and include:

  • FREE TrainingPeaks Premium Account (30 Days)
  • FREE YogaGlo Membership (60 Days)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back
  • Mobile App to Guide Your Training (iOS and Droid)
  • Coaching Support in our Private Facebook Group
  • Race/Event Specific Intervals Built for Skill Development/Improvement
  • Foundation Training Back & Core Exercises
  • REVO Strength & Conditioning Videos
  • Daily Email Workout Reminders
  • GPS, Heart Rate, and Power Data Uploads
  • Strength & Conditioning Routines with Video

Athlete Testimonial:

I’ve hired coaches in the past and they are a valuable asset to add to you especially when you are first starting out racing and wanting to compete at a high level. I have been following Fascat training plans for the last year and highly recommend them to the athlete that has a really good understanding of what to do, but gets bogged down in the programming part of their training plan. These plans are beyond reasonable and they often have 25% off deals. This puts the cost way below a dollar a day for the first time you run through the plan. They are yours to keep and use whenever you want and then the proceeding times you use the plan they are literally free to use again. They have a private facebook page that you can ask general question about the plan on. They are so awesome they are giving away a 4 week plan starting tomorrow for free. If you decided to try it. When you are checking out look in the upper right hand corner and you can pick three levels of training that is based off the amount of hours per week you can train….

Frank Overton is the founder and owner of FasCat Coaching in Boulder, CO. Frank and the FasCat Coaches have been talking the talk and walking the walk [FasCat Core Value #7] for over 15 years. To talk about transforming your cycling and having your best season, you can email, call 720.406.7444, or fill out our new athlete questionnaire to schedule a coaching consultation.

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