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18 Weeks of Sweet Spot

Designed By Coach FasCat

This plan includes 18-weeks of Sweet Spot training to build your base and increase your power. We combined Sweet Spot parts 1,2, and 3 then adjusted the periodization for your all-in-one plan!

With the purchase of a FasCat Training Plan, you’ll get:

  • Coaching Support in the FasCat Athlete’s Private Forum
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back
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  • Daily Email Workout Reminders
  • GPS, Heart Rate, and Power Data Uploads

As a Training Plan athlete, you may want to add our Coaching Subscription to your Training Plan purchase. Our Coaching Subscription offers additional coaching services including monthly training plan adjustments, and power-file analysis. Click here to learn more
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18 weeks of Sweet Spot riding to build your CTL and increase your aerobic fitness. We combined Sweet Spot parts 1,2, and 3 then adjusted the periodization for your all-in-one plan for the base training plan!

You’ll start with a Field Test will set your training zones, especially sweet spot! A second test will measure your improvement after following the plan! Athletes can expect to increase their FTP by 5 – 20%!  You’ll find the FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet that in this plan that has the all important Sweet Spot Training Zone!

As the week’s progress, so will your time in Sweet Spot. Recovery weeks allow your body to soak up all the training so you can go to the next build even stronger. The last few weeks you’ll put the finishing touches on your ‘base’ and transition over to ‘race’ with this plan by bridging the gap between the two with Criss Cross Intervals and Over Unders.

Additionally, this sweet spot training plan includes all the “marginal gains” details to get even faster: Recovery Techniques, Rest Days, Yoga, Foundations, and best of all, Strength and Conditioning – all you need is a physical therapy style rubber band and MOTIVATION! There are instructional videos in the plan for you to follow along at home. You’ll perform structured Sweet Spot and Tempo intervals mid-week and have the option to join group rides on the weekends (where we coach you on how to sweet spot in the group ride). There are also recommendations for riding longer/shorter for flexibility so you can stay on track when life throws a curve ball.

This plan is perfect for the cyclist to begin in the mid-winter (like January-February in the Northern Hemisphere) to prepare for the Spring/Summer season.

Questions about this training plan? See our FAQ below or email/call: help@fascatcoaching.com or 720.406.7444

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at any time.

63 reviews for 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot

  1. Nick

    This plan, combined with the useful nuggets of information found in the podcast and on the forums, has made it extraordinarily easy to FTFP. Living in the north country, the long group & sweet spot rides are not always an option in the snowier months and doing them on a trainer would be masochistic at best. Fortunately, the responsiveness of Jackson (and all the coaches on the forum) helped me figure out a plan to work in my other main love, ski touring. These folks are the best and I’ve never had an easier time working with a structured training plan. Thanks!

  2. bodine23

    18 Weeks of Sweet Spot is the best off-season plan I have done, and I’ll be doing it for the third time this off-season!

    The plan truly is the goldilocks of base plans, the sweet spot gives you the training effect of a long ride packed into a shorter ride. I increased my 20, 30, 60, and 90 minute power on this plan, with my 20 minute power seeing an increase from 300w to 328w and 90 minute power from 256w to 283w! If you follow the plan, you will have a hemi-powered aerobic engine! Keep in mind, this is a base plan and there is still a lot to gain after the plan is over and you switch to interval training.

    This plan is truly worth it’s salt. If you use Zwift, the workouts will automatically sync from TrainingPeaks to your Zwift custom workout library so you can do the ride on Erg mode. You also get access to the FasCat forum, and the coaches are very helpful in making training adjustments.

    If you’re on the fence, get the plan and take the guess work out of your training! You will get faster, and you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Meirion Davies

    Went up from FTP of 305 to 325+, highest ever.

    • Lacey Rivette, RDN

      Way to #FtFP Meirion! We are stoked to hear how much you improved.

  4. Jake Landphier

    I started the Intermediate version of the plan this year and made it through with two separate weeks of time off the bike due to an illness then a rib injury. I just picked up where I paused those two periods after a couple easy rides to get the legs moving again. After getting three weeks into the SS4 plan, I took the Field test again to measure the improvements from this 18 week plan and found I had increased my FTP by 6%. That ending 20 min test also resulted in a PR for me which I was happy to have done.

    I did modify all the group rides to be solo versions that focused solely on increasing sweet spot intervals from 4 x 15 at the start to 1 x 90 at the end, which was also a PR for me. This change was a result of COVID rather than FtFP, I really wanted to hit that PR to prove to myself that I could do it with no local races taking place.

    I highly recommend this plan and look forward to completing SS4 along with some of the other plans available from Fascat.

  5. Jason

    I’m a long time podcast listener but I’ve hesitated from doing a structured training plan in the past because of my work travel schedule. I’ve been working from home since March so I decided this was the time for me to try structured training with 18 weeks of Sweet Spot and I’m so happy that I did.

    I quickly settled into the weekly rhythm of the plan and did my best to FTFP. Group rides in Northern VA/DC were mostly cancelled while I was on the plan so I adapted by doing one of two things; AMEX rides to accumulate the right level of TSS over the time period or doing a longer Zwift race with a prolonged warm-up and cool down.

    All my key power numbers are up about 15% since the start of the plan and continue to grow. Now that group rides have somewhat resumed I’ve gone from a steady C group rider to accidentally pulling off the front of the B group.

    Not sure if I’ll be able to do any races this year but when I do sign up for my next race I’ll be purchasing another plan to prepare.

    Thanks for the great plan and all the great advice you’ve given on the podcast over the years!!!

  6. Alex Harrod

    I have done this plan 2 years now. It is really inclusive and has a great progression. As a former coached athlete this is very similar to the training plans my coach used to write for me. You can’t go wrong here. The work isn’t easy, but if you do it as outlined, you are going to be smoking fast!

  7. Aaron Boone

    Tomorrow is my last day of the 18 weeks of SS. This plan is so good. My FTP is up and my pace on the mountain bike is up about 2mph on a 50-60 mile ride. I feel less fatigued than I did last year using a different plan from another coaching system. I started this plan after the 10 weeks of resistance training plan. The combination of the two took me from thinking I could hit a certain FTP number if I worked at it for a couple of years, to being at that FTP number today. It is crazy good!

  8. Martin Patmore

    What a strange time to be following this plan. First of all the Weather in the UK during February 2020 was awful and then Covid restrictions kicked in.

    The plan kept my training focused, I missed out on some long weekend rides due to the weather (it really was that bad!) so had to make some slight tweaks but the plan worked well overall.

    My power increased by 5 points during the plan, my fitness topped at 100 but more importantly, my power was up by 30 points over the same TT course compared to when I last rode that course – I’ve followed several FasCat plans since then!

    Thanks folks, on to TT intervals to mix it up a bit.

  9. Chris Anesiadis

    Hello coach, I’d like to thank you for the complete sweetspot plan which was completed last week! The results :FTP rised from 265 to 274,bearing in mind that I’m 59 years old, 59kg..Basically the biggest improvement is that I have raised my ceiling, meaning that I can maintain the 4+w/k, for about 80’according to WKO.., which I can see too.. Thanks for everything, your’s in sport Chris

  10. Tony Egbe

    Hi Frank, I hope you and your family are well during these strange times.
    I’ve just completed the 18 week sweet spot plan. I did my ftp test yesterday and I’m up 21 watts. I’m really pleased with results and can’t thank you and your team enough.

    The plan feels tailor made for me, it fits my lifestyle perfectly. The workouts are varied and using different routes on zwift never repetitive.
    I will recommend the plan to everyone I know that cycles.

    As for what’s next, all racing in the uk is cancelled. I have started slaying local koms it’s a fun way to do efforts on the bike. I like the structure of the plan so will probably do another 18 weeks of sweet spot. My aim this year is to get my ftp to 300 and weight to 76 kgs.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  11. Steve

    Frank, It’s been just over a year now that I’ve been doing the FasCat training plans after several years of doing structured plans from others. I’ve done the SS plans, resistance training, hill climbing intervals and have the gravel plan teed up. Doing those in FTFP mode, winning in the kitchen, and practicing what you preach on podcasts has brought my FTP up and my weight down to where I’ve gone from 2.8 w/kg to 3.4 w/kg in about 12 months. Not bad for 60+ yr old guy. Better yet, I’m riding so much faster on the road now that I can almost relate to those college athletes who often say how the game speeds up when they go to the pros. Thanks for making your plans and podcasts work so well, easy to follow, and give me a training system I can believe in and want to get out and do every day.

  12. Brian Young

    This seems to have worked well for me. I did the mid volume plan and tossed in some very big rides as I felt capable. I’m 54 yo dude that lost a bunch due to a flu awhile back and seems likely I’m back to prior to flu. Without a race season due to covid-19 it’s hard to judge but fun to work up. Managed some 1000 plus tss weeks and felt great. Wouldn’t change. Led into it with strength training.

    Wasn’t able to test at the end due to a crash and subsequent injury. I’ll pick back up when I’m up to it. Probably move to the marathon MTB plan.

  13. Matt Bruggeman

    Solid way to build up for the summer! FTP went up 4% from start to finish, and has a PR on FTP. Able to throw down sweet spot efforts easier than ever!

  14. jyaeso

    Just completed 10 weeks of resistance training followed by 18 weeks of sweet spot.
    It’s simple:
    This plan has made me faster and it’s made me LOVE my bike again.

    The fatigue dependent TP design really works. Initially, I was skeptical. I thought I would not be able to complete all the workouts. However, with a properly set FTP and FtFP-ing results will come. I feel a lot stronger. I can’t wait to recover from this final block and complete a 20 minute test. I know my FTP has increased & I know I am a lot faster.

    Thank you Fascat team. The plans, the podcasts, the forum, it all works. With all this bike love, I guess you could say the Fascat team is growing the sport of cycling. 🙂❤️

  15. John Abraham

    With limited time, I need to focus on the right things. Following the Sweet Spot strategy has maximized my training and helped me PR my favorite climb here in Santa Barbara (Gibralter Road). I found the fascat coaching program to be effective and the team behind the program to be authoritative and credible. Keep up the good work!

    John A.

  16. Chris Owens

    I just finished the 18-week basic Sweet Spot training plan and I could not be happier with the results. I saw a 30-point increase in my FTP and an 11% increase over the last 8 weeks of the plan.

    This is my first year of serious cycling training and I found the plan to be flexible and easy to follow. I’m looking forward to starting the Grand Fondo Plan to prepare for my first competitive cycling event.

    I would strongly recommend the Fast Cat plans for any cyclist interested in structured training to improve performance. Just FTFP!!!

  17. Curt W.

    Started the 18 week Intermediate SS plan with the goal of being strong for a week-long Mallorca trip on May 1st. Well, that went out the window, but I still followed the plan. The last 6-week cycle has been tough to stay completely focused with this whole virus thing, so I’ve used it a bit more loosely.

    The first 6 week cycle was pretty boring and couldn’t believe how “easy” it was! But know after following the plan for 16 weeks, I am definitely stronger. The longer weekend rides are not as draining. I am holding the sweet spot zone longer and with more ease. I have no doubt that my upcoming field test will have a higher FTP and give me a a new sweeter spot!

    The Forum is a great wealth of information, so make sure and use it along with your Plan! Training Peaks has become my go-to for reviewing workouts and analyzing my progress.

    Now I gotta figure out what plan to do next!

  18. Nick Jarecke

    This is my first purchased training plan, couldn’t have been easier and I love the integration with my trainer. I like the built in rest days and focus on recovery. Keep up the good work!

  19. Phillip Hammill

    I am now on week 15 of the intermediate 18 week SS plan and feeling super strong. If you follow the plan you can literally feel yourself getting faster week by week. My favourite workout of the plan is the long Saturday ride during the regeneration week. This is when you really start to feel the gains you have made in strength, efficiency and endurance. Looking forward to seeing what my new FTP is when I have completed the plan and moving things up another gear when I hit the intervals.

    After years of self coaching this plan has shown me that you don’t need to kill yourself week in week out with high intensity workouts. The 18 week plan is so well structured that your motivation remains high and you feel fresh enough to take on subsequent workouts. Some sessions are challenging but I have really enjoyed laying down my morning watts prescription.

    Make sure you check out the Fascat podcasts to gain extra insight into your training and nutrition. Thank you Frank and team.

  20. Brian

    Wanted to get fast again after a couple frustrating years using plans that were focused on indoor riding and a lot of intensity. That combo made it difficult to follow the plan and do long weekend rides.

    Was excited to see group rides integrated into FasCat plans. After listening to the podcast I bought the intermediate level. Had some base training and jumped into week 5.

    After 9 weeks I’m happy to report the plan has delivered big time. My FTP is up 10% at 252W and I’m feeling stronger every week. The big surprise is the number of short power PRs compared to last 4 seasons.

    The aerobic engine has never felt better, nearly set PRs doing a 5 minute max effort and I haven’t done any vo2 intervals yet? Wow, super impressed by the plans! Five stars and highly recommended!

  21. Ryan Olson

    This is my first year not working with a coach and with my recent gravel conversion from road and track and Fastcat’s connection to gravel, it heavily influenced my decision to invest in these plans over the competition. I also listened to the podcasts prior to committing to ensure I agreed with what was being said. My coaches have always been national team/world class coaches and following this plan feels just as good. I feel I have more control and the workout descriptions were like I was being talked to by the coach and often had better descriptions than what they provided; I did not feel isolated like expected. It also felt very holistic with the added yoga, mobility, and stretching suggestions.

    I completed the last 10 weeks of the SS 123 plan. I made some minor modifications to the advanced plan in that I added about 4 hours per week as a Friday 60-90 min recovery ride and extra Z2 on the weekends to set me up better for gravel and match my past. My aerobic capacity now is ~17% higher than my peak last season and my FTP saw no change from last peak but we are only in base phase. The important part is the aerobic endurance improvement, I can now ride up to 325w, up from 307w and still be in upper Z2 and race pace is 325-350w; great for gravel! I did a MAP test (3min/30w) to determine this else it may have seemed like I did not get any improvements if I only used FTP. Anaerobic capacity and VO2 are non-existent though and struggled in the 20 min test to hit the top heart rate range but I guess this is to be expected.

    Got to do one road race after 8 weeks on the plan and almost won it, which is no small feat in these parts (Phil G. once commented on the talent depth here). I made a 2 man break for 60km, 3 bridged up for last 20k and I thought I had it clinched until my legs completely cramped in last 500m due to not being used to the race bike and I was caught by the other 4. We put 10mins into the field; this performance speaks volumes to this plan.
    There are a few caveats with these gains in that I came into this plan with a lot of base and experience. I am lower down in my potential curve due to this being my 3rd season back after 8 years away from the sport (did a stint in xc ski racing) so gains are still bigger than being near the plateau. This is my first experience with sweet spot and I think it worked well for me since it was still below my lactate threshold yet offered more stress than just Z2. So, it basically still fits the polarized model in this case and would recommend it to others who also fit this. I can’t speak to those whose sweet spot will be at or above LT.

    Improvements I would like to see are instead of a single power number target in workouts a range would be better, 5 more mins of Z1 before starting and maybe 5 mins of Z1 after the last hard interval. It would be better to prescribe the plan level based on a person’s situation rather than their age. I am 43 and completed this plan plus more with no issues. I don’t have kids, job is not stressful, and I have trained non-stop since age 20 and I am better than my 25-year-old self. It might be more appropriate to say things like if you don’t have a long history, coming off the couch, or have a demanding life with many stresses not to do the advanced plan.

  22. Pete Graham

    If you want to a simple training plan that is going make you faster and stronger then you have come to the right place.

    Started the Intermediate 18 weeks of sweet spot at 250W, bumped my FTP to 265W half way through the plan and just completed my end of plan test with an FTP of 285W (@ 64.2Kg) so a 14% gain!!

    With previous plans from elsewhere I haven’t hit as high before nor I have developed such a robust base that allows me to plough on with intense efforts for so long. My TTE in WKO4 is up by 20ish minutes also.

    My only issue is that COVID-19 has meant my A event (and all the others) has been postponed 12 months. Fortunatley this means I now have plenty of time to get stuck back into the training and see how far up this elevator goes!

    As Frank says ‘If you can follow the plan I know you will get FASTER’!


  23. Grant

    Highly recommend! I’ve seen improvements beyond my expectations (based on using other companies in the past). Easily 3-4% gain in FTP that I know of and have slightly adjusted up the settings for my workouts.

    The plan was easy to follow and syncing with Zwift is really helpful. I started reading all the descriptions of the workouts and I knew what I could do to add some TSS if I had extra time or if I could swap the weekend workout to fit my schedule better.

    Since we are in the middle of lockdown I will probably follow this up with a more advanced SS workout then Gravel plan and hope that some races in July will be going. Highly recommend!

  24. Jim Patterson

    I just wanted to say that I have just completed week 6 of the 18 Week Sweet Spot Plan and the results have been amazing. Having a structured plan to follow has kept me on my training and the periodized training has a recovery week built in right when you need it. Cant wait to see how much stronger I am this year once I transition from Base to Race (Triple Bypass Plan heere I come)


  25. Manuel Machado

    Excellent 18-week plan to build base before starting the intervals, demanding workouts that can be completed and achieved. Highly recommended.

  26. Matt Penman

    I am on week 6 of the 18 week training plan and it has been really awesome! I love that the workouts push to Zwift it makes it super simple to FTFP. I am noticing gains and building my confidence with race season a couple of months away.

    I really value having the athlete’s forum because just as I find myself wondering about a certain part of the training plan the question seems to be asked by another athlete.

    I have already recommended this plan to several friends.

  27. Taylor Huseman

    I purchased this plan as somewhat of a test. I am NOT a masters athlete, but thought what the heck, I will give it a go. I followed it to a T, and possibly did maybe a little too much extra, and unfortunately, did not really see any improvements. I may try a similar plan, following it with no extra riding and see what happens. I give this at least a 4 star because I think that this type of training can certainly work for certain individuals, but it is not for everyone.

    • Frank

      Interesting Taylor! Care to share your data with us and tell us more in our forum? forum.FasCatCoaching.com I wonder if you were testing properly?

  28. Sam Tobias

    #FtFP. Just finished week 3 of the intermediate level plan. The 5 on with Monday and Friday off works great for this old Masters rider. I feel fresh for every 2-3 day block of training. I was a little skeptical about going back to a 4-week cycle after using a 3-week cycle for the last 4-5 years. I credit this plan for making it work for me. The attention to detail each day of the plan is impressive. Lots of great links to relevant articles and videos.
    Workouts are engaging, making the time fly on the trainer. This plan is the best I have found for dealing with Wisco winters.
    The 18-week plan dropped into Training Peaks with no issues. Lots of comfort in seeing where Coach Frank’s 18 weeks of training will take my CTL and FTP. All I need now is an entry to DK200 for 2020. Gravel on!

  29. NOP

    More a question- With family commitments I can’t train on a Sunday (but have a Saturday Group ride so i can’t pop the days back) I do have a couple of hours each weekday morning before work. How could I adapt the week as I would like to do a plan.

    M,T,W,T,F- time in am
    Saturday Group ride

    Many thanks.


  30. Andy

    Wasn’t sure where to leave this review, so many choices since Frank and team give so much great advice. Started with the off season weights, moved into 18 weeks of sweet spot, and just started the 6 weeks until cross plan. Today was a 20 minute test, on a Saturday with 1 minuters later in the day, those hurt, in a good way. I have used this plan 2 years in a row, this year I didn’t have a big MTB race to peak for which meant I could #FTFP to the max (well 92% FTFP), 1 year as a vegan (definitely #WinningInTheKitchen), and I got a 2% FTP bump without feeling completely on my game. HR also went down, hadn’t tested since the spring. I’m up 2% over spring and almost 4% up over this time last year. Thanks Frank and Team!

  31. rabaattila88


  32. rob

    This was a great long-term plan that helped me focus throughout the entire road season. I’m now at a point to finish out the season strong and migrate to my next plan, 6 weeks to cross. Thanks Frank and team

  33. ijgoodwin

    I used the first 8 weeks of this plan as a summer ‘re-base’ leading up to my cyclocross training. It was easy to follow and gave solid progression, leading to a great increase in fitness. I will definitely be following the entire plan during the off-season.

  34. Aaron Amar

    I used this plan as a come back from a significant injury. My fitness was fairly low and I needed to take a practical approach to regaining my fitness and strength. This plan was perfect. I as well was able to manage hectic life within all of it. By the end my FTP went up about 6% and my endurance and ability to hang on to group rides went up dramatically. I’m looking forward to the next plan and the next….and the next…..

  35. Dan

    WOW! Much better than expected.
    When I got this plan I had some hopes, well at least a dream, of getting some of my previous “Fastness” back… Following my recovery from a multiple fractures, & dislocation and all around take you out of commission bike accident, I had been working on regaining fitness for over a Year.
    Riding 4 days per week and about 7-9 hrs.
    Well, when I got started on the 18Wk SS plan, but I needed to learn what #FTfP really means. I thought I could move workouts anywhere in the week and that would work, as long as I did the workout…. NOT.
    They are in the order they are for a reason. 🙂
    The first 6 weeks I was learning, and didn’t see any real gains, just lots of fatigue and frustration when I could not #FTfp because I had switched the order of the workouts.. Lesson learned.. the next 12 weeks I have #FTfPed, and I got a great bump in FTP, (8%) and now I am beating my strava times from 2 years prior and feeling better on the bike than I have in years!
    Thank you Frank and FasCat Coaching. You Rock!!!
    If you can #FTfP you will get faster!
    Just started the Hill climb intervals to take it to the next level! Looking to continue the improvements.

  36. trjchang00

    Excellent plan. I regain 30w (15% bump) and is now on par pre-injury. The original plan was to start the plan in November and then concentrate on longer rides in preparation for my first double century in mid-May. It got derailed when I was struck from the back by a car in October and didn’t start the plan until last week of December. I had to wimp out and modify the last two week of the plan to get longer rides in. Even abridged, it was more than enough in it to increase fitness and power. Thank you FasCat!

    Three more weeks until the big ride! Hope I finish.

  37. Patrick Morrissey


    This plan is perfect for anyone looking to build, or to re-build, a base that can then be used to train for a specific event. I started this plan in January, and just 12 weeks later, have achieved more than 7.5% increase in FTP (that’s 20 watts for me!) without moving into race specific intervals! I feel great, have enough rest and perhaps most importantly, am still able to satisfy work and family needs well.

    I’m a master’s athlete and have been racing bikes and training for over 35 years now. This plan just works, especially for masters-aged athletes looking to regain some fitness!

    Highly recommend as a base plan to set up the rest of the season!! Thanks Frank and Team!!

  38. Josh

    If you are wondering if you should pick up this plan, DO IT! I was skeptical at first about how effective a plan like this could be over my base phase and I was not disappointed. You can tell a lot of work goes into these plans. Thank you FasCat!

  39. chrisghunter

    Great Plan. I have always struggled with a plan over the winter months in the cold damp weather. This was just what I needed. I went with the basic plan due to work and family commitments, however it was excellent and had enough in it to increase fitness and power. Coming in on the last 6 weeks of the program and setting myself up well for the plans I have made for the season ahead. Thanks!

  40. scottsifferman

    Very good sweet spot base training program. Great base training which will raise your FTP in the process.

  41. Pat Cusack

    When I first looked at this plan, I thought it was going to be too easy. A lot of the weekday workouts have between 20 and 30 minutes of Sweet Spot. (I was previously doing 2×20’s all the time.) After a few weeks, I realized the beauty of this plan…I didn’t feel trashed at work. I was building fitness but other parts of my life weren’t suffering. (FWIW, I was on the Basic plan.)

  42. Stephen Gabrys

    Hey Big Cat!
    After all these years of getting it wrong and making it harder than it needed to be your 18 week Sweet Spot plan made everything come together, I am stronger and mentally more prepared than any other season.

    Thanks for putting all together Frank!


  43. Fred Lintz

    I picked up the Sweet Spot 18 week Intermediate plan mid November of 2018, and was impressed from the start. Ive typically ‘coached myself’ through all my years of racing and when I came across these plans, I was super interested to see what they were all about. Within a day of ordering the plan, It was available to me to download into Training peaks, and immediately after reading through the workouts, I knew I had found something great. The detail that goes into these plans is incredible. Instructions regarding each workout, and goals of the training session are right there each day, with well thought out periodized weekly training with built in ‘regeneration weeks’ and workouts to remind you to stretch and do yoga off the bike. The online Facebook Athlete group is awesome, and the coaches answer questions within hours usually.

    I finished the 18 week plan, and have already purchase the 6-week Road Race interval plan which I will begin this week. Coming out of the winter months of training my CTL has never (ever) been this high. My base is larger than it has ever been, and I am looking forward to breaking some PR’s this year.

    I am hooked on these plans, and will continue to use them for my training. This is TSTWKTW.

    I am almost hesitant to say positive things, because the more people that know about these plans, the harder my races will be!

  44. Kevin Wolff

    Just coming off of this plan as a masters athlete. Initially I thought I’d enough miles in my legs to handle the advanced version. However, quickly realising I’d bitten off more then I could chew I swapped it out for the intermediate which is challenging but achievable. Proof of the pudding, did my first crit race of the season at the weekend and hit my biggest ever power numbers during multiple attacks to create a break. Haven’t done a single interval since August only this sweet spot plan since November. Shortly will be moving onto Crit and Road race intervals to sharpen-the-sword. Chapeau Frank and Team Fascat.

  45. Chris

    I’m training with power for 9 years, using various plans. This one is a complete and efficient. I strongly suggest it for any level! It works!

  46. alexkharrod

    As a masters athlete ( 50) with a typical busy professional schedule and family responsibilities I found this plan ot be perfect to help me get in excellent race shape with the time I have available. The Yoga and lower back strength work really help with recovery etc. I can’t recommend these plan enough.

  47. m.osullivan

    Started this programme to avoid he monotony of winter and was looking for something that didn’t just recommend long rides. I am very impressed with this programme and particularly like the slow burn approach in which at the end of each week you feel that little bit stronger. The addition of the yoga and strength ensures you do not neglect these bits which I find hard to motivate myself to complete. I like the fact that my body is getting used to operating at sweet spot which is useful for timetrials.

    I highly recommend this programme and look forward to topping it up with the interval one when the racing starts.

  48. redarrow.rpc

    So everyone was asking “what are you doing to make such strong gains”. My answer is sticking to the plan! And what plan or plans or those they ask? I start the new season in the middle of November with the 10wk resistance/weight training plan it’s specific to cycling and believe it works! I follow that up with the 18wk sweet spot plan which build an awesome base… I finally follow up with a 7wk race specific plan which happens to be the crit plan. That’s it that’s “my” program and like coach Frank always say’s “Stick To The Plan”…😉

  49. Andrea Smith

    Just superb! Feel stronger than ever!

  50. iain

    Great fun…structure and value! Its all about tenacity and organisation. Most definitely sets you up for a super strong year!

  51. Iain Lea

    Hard but worth it…champions are made in winter!

  52. Jonathan Day

    I can’t recommend this plan highly enough. As someone coming back to cycling after 5 years off, this plan was perfect. I was having some anxiety about my training as a time crunched cyclist trying to regain fitness as quickly as possible – knowing I needed to be training, but unsure if I was maximizing the use of my time toward actually getting faster. This plan put my mind at ease. It seamlessly integrates with Training Peaks and then to my Garmin Edge to follow the workouts on my bike. It’s such a relief to not have to plan my rides ahead of time, or design any workouts myself. I just get on the bike, turn on the Garmin, follow the workout, and have peace of mind in knowing that I’m doing good work and making the most of my time. I really can’t overstate how valuable that is. I can stress less about training and get faster with less mental energy expended. I genuinely looked forward to each ride, and the structure kept me motivated. The program helped me to increase my training load gradually, without injury or burnout, to my highest ever CTL. The gains have been amazing. By following a structured plan, I feel as though I have gotten three years worth of getting stronger by just casually riding consistently into 18 weeks of targeted training. The proof? I went from getting dropped 12 miles into a 40 mile road race in April for a 50-something placed finish, to a top 5 at the state road race championship in August. What more could you ask for! I’m looking forward to reusing this plan again as my base training this offseason and really coming into next year flying and ready to “cat up”! Big thanks Frank & Co. for putting togeter such a great plan and delivering it at such a great value. If your thinking about this plan – get it. You;ll be happy you did!

  53. kkoss88

    I have used other big name coaching plans in the past and they can’t hold a candle to Coach Frank and the FasCat gang. This plan increase my FTP 15% and that’s after I completed the 32 week Resistance & Sweet Spot plan (also highly recommended!!).

  54. RonP

    I was a bit skeptical at first, but this plan helped me to structure my training and to avoid undue fatigue. The results spoke for themselves in my group rides. I am stronger than I’ve ever been! Great Plan!!

  55. Craig in Chicago

    This 18-week plan provided more than just base training for me – it gradually dialed up effort and gave enough variety over time to keep things interesting (including good rest/adaptation periods). Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, right? In contrast to other (non-Fascat) plans I’ve used before, I felt dedicated to this one as it never pushed me entirely over the edge to exhaustion and early-season burnout. I’ve completed the plan (and mixed in some early summer crit racing) and am off to the second half of the year feeling strong and ready to dig into the summer’s mountain adventures and CX in the fall.

  56. wes.toups

    follow the plan=faster riding

  57. kayohbee

    Great comprehensive plan including all the extras. Follow the plan…trust the process!

  58. tzed250

    Having a training plan (and following it) is the single biggest thing you can do to improve your performance. FasCat’s 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot got me motivated to get on the bike early this spring, and in only a few weeks I could feel myself getting stronger. I have set almost all my Personal Best power numbers during this plan. I’ve already bought my next plan and I know which one I’ll be buying after that!

  59. scottacolvin

    Just finished the 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot plan. Increased my FTP by 7% during the plan. More importantly, I set 20 minute and 10 minute power PBs during my final FTP test. And this was WITHOUT the threshold and VO2 Max work that my previous Winter/Early Spring plans relied on.

    In the past, I have always started to feel a little burned out by the end of May/early June and my training suffered for a while. But thanks to this plan I feel fresh and motivated for the summer. I’m getting ready to start the Road Racing Interval plan so looking for even more gains!

    I am a believer.

  60. tomastkd

    I bought this plan last year and even though I did not start it at the right time of the year, it helped me a lot for the summer racing season. This year I started it now in the autumn (southern hemisphere) and, being more conscious with the fulfillment of the plan, small advances are felt week by week. I will comment once I have finished it towards the end of winter and I am ready for a specific plan for the spring races.

  61. Chris Huck

    I can’t say enough good things about how this plan is structured. I am in the final week of the plan and getting ready to start the marathon mountain bike plan with a CTL that is a lot higher than it’s ever been. I can tell how good the plan is by how I felt in my second race of the season last weekend. The first race was a little disappointing, but I chalk that up to the normal needing to “blow the tubes out” that comes with the first race of the year. In my second race, I felt strong the entire race and was pleased with my result. A recent hard group ride saw lots of PRs on a mountain bike trail that is normally fast, but that I haven’t ridden in months. Again, I felt strong the whole time. Looking forward to starting the Marathon plan with a good aerobic engine and I’m looking forward to doing well in my big race for the first half of the year in about a month.

  62. Fabio

    Completed the whole 18 weeks plan. I found it to be a very comprehensive plan which can be used in its entierty or adapted as needed (I cut the first 3 weeks to match my annual planning).
    The plan drives you through building a very good aerobic base in my opinion, starting with steady state easier effort in the first weeks, progressing gradually and in the last weeks finally prepares you to higher intensities with appropriate criss-cross and over-unders workouts, which introduce your legs to the higher demands of the season. A good variety of workouts is offered (you’ll find yourself repeating the same workout very rarely). I found it really helped me preparing for the season.

  63. Garett

    I’ve only started the second rest week of the Intermediate program but I’m already noticing improvements. I’ve been hitting 60 and 90 minute power records on Training Peaks after each long ride for the past few weeks as I’ve greatly improved my ability to hold sweet spot efforts for longer duration. I am super stoked for the ice and snow to melt to get out on the road again.

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