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Cyclocross Season Training Plan Bundle

Designed By Coach Frank

Get an entire season of Cyclocross coaching for only $199, which is an 18% discount off standard pricing. This plan is perfect for the athlete that wants to hit it hard and smart before the season begins, have expert training guidance during the meat of the season, and a measured lead-in to the state and national championships. The bundle delivers an incredibly value for a season-long training plan and gives you five FasCat training plans for the price of four.

With the purchase of a FasCat Training Plan, you’ll get:

  • Coaching Support in the FasCat Athlete’s Private Forum
  • FREE TrainingPeaks Account (30 Days Premium) with your first plan, 20% off thereafter
  • Discount at ExcelSports.com
  • FREE YogaGlo Membership (60 Days)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back
  • Mobile App for the Forum and TrainingPeaks (iOS and Droid)
  • Daily Email Workout Reminders
  • GPS, Heart Rate, and Power Data Uploads

As a Training Plan athlete, you may want to add our Coaching Subscription to your Training Plan purchase. Our Coaching Subscription offers additional coaching services including monthly training plan adjustments, and power-file analysis. Click here to learn more

Sample Workout Gallery:


Get an entire season of Cyclocross coaching for only $199. This price means you’ll get five training plans for the price of four, and receive a plan that delivers comprehensive guidance through an entire ‘Cross season.

The bundle includes:

Each six-week plan should be completed in the order listed above. When done in sequence, these plans deliver an entire season of cyclocross training. This offer is perfect for the ‘Cross athlete that wants to hit it hard and smart before the season begins, have expert training guidance during the meat of the season, and a measured lead-in to national championships. The bundle delivers an incredible value for a season-long training plan that will make sure you aren’t leaving anything up to chance.

Questions about the Cyclocross season-long training plan? See our FAQ below or email/call: help@fascatcoaching.com or 720.406.7444

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at any time.

4 reviews for Cyclocross Season Training Plan Bundle

  1. B-Rad

    Solid well thought out plan. Been coached and self coached for years with good top masters results. This plan was at or above the level when I was coached. Achieved all my goals and made the top box a few times with may podiums! Highly recommended!

  2. Marten Mann

    Bought this plan hoping for a cyclocross season that never came to be, but that said I felt stronger and faster than I had in a few years. The programs are easy to follow and the skills component is great as it is worked into the program so you never miss “skills day” which kept things fun. The bundle helps keep the progression going and you can see the improvements both on the TP calendar and the increased in fitness and speed. Fingers CX’d I can start over using it towards a 2021 CX season.

  3. mudisfunner

    I am a 50+ male cx’er planning my second season and want to properly train with a professionally designed plan. I chose the intermediate level CX Season Training Bundle. The plan was designed to set out a series of training modules for the periods before, during and after racing begins. Just completed the first part, 6 weeks of CX Summer Sweet spot with Skills, and am happy to report that the experience exceeded expectations. The workouts were designed to build base endurance with sweet spot intensities inter-mixed with some higher intensity work, cx-specific running, and handling skills. I was able to do the work in 10-12 hours each week as advertised. Fascat provides great support with supplemental videos and articles to show you how to do the workouts and rest day yoga and stretching. The forum is a great way to get thoughtful and timely feedback from coaches and athletes. I appreciated the Performance Management Chart to track my form as well as the instructions for doing a field test as a reality check. How did it feel to train with an online plan? Even through the coaching is “virtual”, I felt like Fascat had my back with a plan that helped me establish a weekly rhythm. This helped me stay motivated and looking forward to each day of work. The bottom line is that I felt definite improvement and growth as a cx racer in-training.

  4. traxxtar

    As an aging athlete, I’ve been searching for the right approach to the cyclocross season for a few years now. You have to make sure all your “i”s are dotted and your “t”s are crossed BEFORE the season gets here because there are only a few short months per year to dominate on the cross course (as opposed to road racers who have most of the year). There’s no cheating when it comes time to get ready for cross, you need the preparation you need beyond the bike as well… plyometrics, strength training and running. This bundle offers the This bundle is the perfect way to make sure you are keyed in, and on target early in the year, and carries you through the season and drops you off, right on the door step of your nationals!

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6 Weeks

Plan Type

Basic (4-8 hours/week), Intermediate (8-12 hours/week), Advanced (12-16+ hours/week)

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