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Six Weeks Till Cyclocross

Designed By Coach Frank

Well, you’ve done it now: you committed to racing cyclocross and you need to get your act in gear.  Have no fear the “oh sh*t” six-week cyclocross training plan is here! This plan begins before the season starts so you have time to get faster. If you are ahead of the game rock this plan and move onto the Cyclocross Intervals plan before the season starts.

With the purchase of a FasCat Training Plan, you’ll get:

  • Coaching Support in the FasCat Athlete Private Forum
  • FREE TrainingPeaks Account (30 Days Premium)
  • FREE YogaGlo Membership (60 Days)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back
  • Mobile App for the Forum and TrainingPeaks (iOS and Droid)
  • Daily Email Workout Reminders
  • GPS, Heart Rate, and Power Data Uploads

As a Training Plan athlete, you may want to add our Coaching Subscription to your Training Plan purchase. Our Coaching Subscription offers additional coaching services including monthly training plan adjustments, and power-file analysis. Click here to learn more

Sample Workout Gallery:


Well, you’ve done it now: you committed to racing cyclocross and you need to get your act in gear.  Have no fear the “oh sh*t” six-week cyclocross training plan is here! This plan begins before the season starts so you have time to get faster. If you are ahead of the game rock this plan and move onto the Cyclocross Intervals plan before the season starts. The most important thing to do is START!  Our Six weeks of Cyclocross Plan includes:

  • Cyclocross Specific Zone 6/Anaerobic Intervals!
  • Skills Drills & Practice
  • Race Start Simulations
  • Run Workouts!
  • Plyometrics! – with instructional videos
  • Acceleratory Power Intervals

This plan is suitable for the cyclocross athlete that wants to hit it hard and smart before the season begins. It’s also just right for the athlete who has completed the “Cyclocross Summer Sweet Spot” Plan.  For the trifecta complete the 3 plans in this order: CX Summer Sweet Spot > Six Weeks of CX > Cyclocross Intervals

Questions about the Six Weeks of Cyclocross plan? See our FAQ below or email/call: help@fascatcoaching.com or 720.406.7444

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at any time.

23 reviews for Six Weeks Till Cyclocross

  1. sally higgins

    I thought this was terrific! It helped me stay on track and get stronger. Best early results yet – thanks!

  2. Ben Reidy

    Not quite finished the plan, 2 weeks left but so far so good! Had to move a few sessions about a bit to incorporate training for the UK’s ‘3 Peaks Cyclocross Race’ which was easily done. This will def get you ready if you have complete other plans before this such as the Sweet Spot plan. Going to buy the ‘Race & Recover’ plan now so i can plan ahead for my race season. Also, definitely use the Fascat Coaching for Athletes Facebook page as the guys can give you great help and advice if you need it.

  3. Andrew

    This plan will ensure that you are ready to race. It gets your body used to the light work in the beginning and end of the week with hard work in the middle. If you can get a group together to do the practice races in the middle of the week, it will help you tremendously. My legs have never been more race ready!

  4. David Selko

    I loved this plan. It had the right mix of CX skills, running and of course on the bike training. I have used some other training plans and found that they are very hard to complete for various reasons. This one kept me interested and on track!

  5. Brian Guthrie

    Could really tell a difference in fitness level.

  6. Justin Rumley

    This training plan was the intensity and structure that I needed to switch from endurance rides to the fast pace cyclocross brings. I moved up a category and ended up placing in the top 10 both days! With the new power from this plan (FULL GAS) I chased down people both days at the finish line and moved up a place! We are talking closing down a 20-40 yard gap over 28 mph!

  7. Barry

    I’ve used some other plans in the past and decided to start working with the FasCat crew this season. I came into late Summer a bit behind on fitness but had solid base miles. This 6 week plan really kicked my arse, literally. I followed it to a T and never skimped or missed a workout. I wasn’t sure how fit or fast I was getting until we hit the first weekday training race. Boy am I fast and fit this year! Hanging at the front of my open SS category and beating guys I would see ride away from me last season. Feels good to be able to hammer and go fas, get it? Getting on the 4 week Race Season plan next to keep it rolling!

  8. Scott B

    Just finished this plan up and will definitely use it again next year. The intervals have gotten my fitness where it needs to be and my first few races have been better than last year. Easy to follow, and the workouts will push.

  9. Jeff Garner

    I’ve been riding and racing bikes for about 15 years “this time around”. During that time, I’ve used 4 different personal coaching services including one small but very well known company that’s produced a pro road and crit national champion. While all these experiences were rewarding and I have nothing negative to say, I do find that this plan was equally well designed, highly challenging while still within reason and not inciting excessive fatigue, and produced great results. Particularly once you understand structured training, how to work with a powermeter and are in touch with your physical responses, a plan like this is a solid way to go. For me, personally, this is all I need. Then you throw in all the extra promos and excellent resources…I’m now hooked. I work full time and have a family. I can design my own plan, but that’s time I don’t have…that’s time that would infringe on my training time. This does the work for me, keeps it innovative and provides the accountability and structure I need. I’d recommend it more, but I don’t want to tip off any of my competitors!

  10. Graham

    This program fit perfectly with the training I was already doing and gave me a lot of guidance for how and when to push it harder. I really appreciated being able to just follow workouts and stopped worrying about what to do the next day.

  11. dsmith

    The plan’s combination of workouts, drills and movement exercises helped preserve summertime fitness, and added the toughness and skills necessary to endure a full season of cross.

  12. Natasha

    My husband and I did this plan for our main prep right before the cyclocross season this past year and it was outstanding. We have raced at the elite level for 10 years and been coached by a few different coaches over the years. It is always hard to find a plan that fits with both cyclocross specific skills and power, and gets you ready for the season with out crushing you. This plan was hard at times but the perfect amount of recovery which lead us both to one of our best seasons to date. 3 UCI podiums between us and many local victories. We followed it up with 2 x 6 week custom plans to get us through the season and for the first time in many years we were able to finish our season not completely blown with consistent results to the very end. That goes a long way when you are travelling tons over the weekend to get to races and recovery is a must. Very happy with plan and we will be continuing with Fascat for next season!

  13. filip.photography

    really improving my cyclocross skills and feel ready to race now!

  14. Jamie Servaites

    The 6 weeks till cross season plan was just plain great. It will really push your limits and get you faster. I just completed my first race after following the plan and can see the results. What you get for the money really can’t be beat. I’ve used coaches in the past, and you can easily spend 3x for one month of workouts, and on top of the actual plan, Frank is very active in the Facebook group to answer questions you have. Can’t recommend enough!

  15. Melissa

    Just finished the 6 weeks till cross plan. I really enjoyed the structure and feel strong coming into the season. I enjoyed the combination of drills, intervals and running. The later running workouts took me longer than noted in the plan and I had to cut some of them shorter due to time limitations, but glad to be pushed and get good running training. Facebook group is also great and response is very quick.

  16. Adam

    Fun! On top of the training structure, which emphasizes intervals, handling, running, and recovery (!), buying a plan opens the door to so many other lifestyle and training tips. From yoga classes to special core strengthening to winning in the kitchen, there’s a ton of useful info. I’m riding less but going faster and feeling better all-around. Excited to buy the next training block and see what’s in store. Thanks!

  17. Leighton Reuss

    This training plan gave me the structure I needed after a lackluster summer to get sharp leading into the season. The TrainingPeaks app and scheduling made everything incredibly easy. Excited to get the season going this weekend and move into the CX Intervals plan!

  18. Chris N.

    A quick way to whip you back into shape for cx season. The yoga is an added bonus and it actually helps. Make no mistake, the tabata/ interval work is challenging but definitely made a difference for me as I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Just make sure you do the skills work.

  19. Matt

    The last two years I’ve simply rolled into CX season relying on any fitness left over from a long endurance MTB season and simply added a few Tabata interval sets and some dismount practice. This resulted in back of pack finishes with more beer hand ups than laps completed. Fun but no competitive.

    This year I wanted to get back in the groove and put up some respectable performances. I started this plan with VERY little base fitness but after these six weeks I smashed the local race weekend. I was able to compete both days, two races a day (single speed and open). After two seconds and two fourths I’m extremely happy with the result.

    I’m pretty psyched. I’ve always trained with structure and have worked with both professional coaches and plans before but haven’t experienced so much progress in just six weeks. I’m now considering using a FastCat plan for my entire season in 2019. Thanks!

  20. Dave Cahill

    Real straightforward program and easy to follow, also easily adapted as work/life demands require. I really like the structure it provides each workout and the flow between bike, functional running, yoga, strength. If you are looking for a really efficient way to get in shape for CX then this is a great place to look. I felt like it really set me up well for the season…only regret was not starting it sooner in the summer 🙂

  21. duncan.lally

    For the first time ever I managed to beat a tough, experienced competitor thanks to this plan. Enjoyed it too!

  22. Frank Deal

    Fantastic training plan! I had been self coaching for years based on experience and “feel”. The 6 Weeks Until Cyclocross plan gave me structure I’ve been missing and insight on the workouts intent.

    The FasCat Forum is a great added resource to ask the coaches questions and share achievements about the plan.

    The TrainingPeaks Premium allows for easy logging of workouts, and for the first time I’ve been exporting workouts to my Garmin 520 (they also automatically link to Zwift if you connect TP and Zwift).

    It feels good to be a FasCat!

  23. Mark F

    I give this plan an A+. I’ve been coached by a coach the past decade, but this year went it alone. I got this plan as cross season approached and was not disappointed. This plan is about more than just intervals, and takes an integrated approach to making you a better athlete, with strength training, yoga, mobility work. The cycling part is very good, with intervals that are tailored perfectly to the demands of cyclocross. After two disappointing racing seasons, this plan helped me get back to the level I was before. Definitely recommend.

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