Old Man Winter Rally

Designed by Coach Frank

Plan duration: 6 Weeks



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This Old Man Winter Rally Training Plan will prepare you for the rigors and fun that is the Old Man Winter Rally. We can’t tell you what bike to ride (MTB, CX, Gravel?) but we do have a plan that we help you toe the start line with confidence and have a ton of fun! Choose a Basic Intermediate or Advanced Training Plan that’s specific to your age group, ability and how much time you have to train for a plan that’s right for you. See our FAQ below for more information on the different plan levels.

Speaking of right: this plan assumes you work M-F, 9-5 and can perform short structured workouts Tues/Wed/Thur but can ride longer on the weekends. You’ll build endurance and functional threshold power with Threshold, Sweet Spot, Tempo workouts plus even be instructed how to ride the course (if you are local). Group Rides, Yoga, Recovery Routines & Foundation Work plus the all important Recovery Days and blocks. There’s even a power-based field test to enhance your power or heart rate based training if you are into that sorta thing. Stay consistent follow this plan and you’ll crush the Old Man Winter Rally!

For more information about the race/event visit the Old Man Winter Rally site.  Join FasCat Coach Frank Overton for a group ride and training talk at Boulder Cycle Sport January 7th @ 10AM.

Questions about the training plan? See our FAQ below or email/call: help@fascatcoaching.com or 720.406.7444

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at anytime.

Example Workout:

Old Man Winter Rally Workout

Sample Workout

Workout #1: Bike
Follow this routine: http://youtu.be/4BOTvaRaDjI – Doesn’t take a lot of time, but is challenging and works. The focus is all on the posterior chain (read back, glutes, hamstrings). – This will make you a better handler on the bike, better climber, and help cut out lower back pain. These are the muscle groups that cyclists often ignore, and pay the penalty for. – Do some foam rolling and stretching after the foundation routine.

Workout #2: Other
1 hour in a Class or at home using www.YogaGlo.com, for example

Workout #3: Bike
This plan was designed for the athlete that works M-F, 9-5 (ish) and has roughly 6 – 12 hours per week to ride/train. An athlete that can train 1 – 2 hours Tuesday – Thursdays and 2 – 4 hours on Saturdays. General Assumptions and Rules of Thumb for this plan: Mondays are Fridays are OFF the bike days Mondays are for bodywork like Yoga and the Foundations (for your back) If you can ride longer than the prescribed time, go for it as long as it doesn’t tire you out for the next days’ workout. Same goes for Saturday – the longer the ride the better. That said, following the plan’s duration prescriptions is the BEST. If you need/want further customization, please consider working with FasCat Coaching and Phil’s Coach, Frank Overton. With Coaching you’ll get a more custom plan with feedback including ride data analysis. You may set up a Coaching Consultation by filling out our New Athlete Questionnaire here: – https://fascatcoaching.com/about-us/get-started/?priceplan=chase – We’ll waive the start up fee if you’ve signed up for Phil’s Fondo.

Workout #4: Bike
Planned Time: 1:30:00
3 x 10 min on in Sweet Spot, 5 min of recovery – Building a Hemi-Powered Aerobic Engine! For More Information Visit: https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/sweet-spot-training/ – Use your FasCat Zones worksheet (click paperclip icon in the upper left) for Sweet Spot Wattages & Heart Rates

Workout #5: Bike
Planned Time: 1:30:00
4 x 8 minutes ON TEMPO/(zone 3) 4 minutes OFF – Perform the Intervals by riding between 76-90% of your FTP. You should feel like you are working but not “suffering” – For More Information Please Read: https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/tempo-training/

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I a Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Rider?
  • Basic plans are for athletes with 4-8 hours per week to ride, a cat 4-5 racer and or a 50+ masters racer.
  • Intermediate plans are for athletes with 8-12 hours per week to ride, cat 3 racers or 40+ masters.
  • Advanced plans are for athletes with 12+ hours per week to train, cat 1-2 or pro racer as well a those who are 30-40 and Master Elite.
  • What if I have to ride the trainer indoors?
    For rides over an hour, we recommend cutting the ride time by about 30% because you aren't coasting or stopping. Be sure to get any structured interval work completed within that time!
  • Should I add 'post activity' comments in TrainingPeaks when I upload my data?
    Yes! While you won't have a coach monitoring your comments and file data, adding notes to your workout is always helpful so you can go back and see what was up that day when you slayed a particular effort!  It doubles as a training diary!
  • Will a coach be monitoring my workouts in TrainingPeaks?
    No. If you would like a coach to create, monitor, customize, adjust or talk with about your training, hire one of our coaches!
  • What if I don't have a M-F, 9-5 kind of work schedule?
    You can move the workouts around yourself in TrainingPeaks and/or schedule a training plan consultation to talk with a coach about customizing the purchased plan for your schedule.
  • How do I apply the plan I purchased in my existing TrainingPeaks account?
    We've got a step-by-step guide for applying your plan here.
  • Can I use these workouts with my smart trainer (Wahoo, CycleOps, Computrainer, etc.)?
    Yes! You can use software like TrainerRoad or Zwift to program & ride the prescribed efforts for each workout. Check with your trainer's manufacturer for compatible software.
  • I don't have a powermeter. Can I use my heart rate monitor with this training plan?
    Yes! While power is the gold standard for training, we've included a FasCat Training Zones sheet where you can enter your Threshold Heart Rate to calculate your heart rate training zones. This allows you to ride the intervals at the proper efforts!
  • If I miss a workout, can I adjust my training calendar in TrainingPeaks?
    Sure! Simply left click the workout, then drag 'n drop it into the day you want to move it to. 
  • Do these plans include recovery days?
    All of our training plans are periodized and include rest days and a regeneration week. Because you don't get faster in training, you get faster in recovery!
  • What should I do when my plan ends?
    We've designed our plans to coordinate with different times of the year and different phases of training. We'll send you a reminder when your plan is nearing the end of 6 weeks with suggestions on where to go next so you are still getting stronger and faster on the bike!

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