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Road Racing Intervals

Designed By Coach Frank


Our Six-week Road Racing Interval Training Plan will increase your functional and race-specific power output. This road focused training plan includes Sweet SpotVO2, Anaerobic, Threshold and Sprint Intervals built specifically for the hardest road races.  Annnnnd to really get fast, we add the diabolical Tabatas for stepping up on the podium!

With the purchase of a FasCat Training Plan, you’ll get:

  • Coaching Support in the FasCat Athlete’s Private Forum
  • FREE TrainingPeaks Account (30 Days Premium)
  • Discount at ExcelSports.com
  • FREE YogaGlo Membership (60 Days)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back
  • Mobile App for the Forum and TrainingPeaks (iOS and Droid)
  • Daily Email Workout Reminders
  • GPS, Heart Rate, and Power Data Uploads

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Sample Workout Gallery:


Our Six Week Road Racing Interval Training Plan will increase your functional and race-specific power output.

Whether you’re a climber, roleur or domestique for your team, get a jump start on your race-ready fitness as you head into the road racing season with our 6-week interval training plan with intervals for road racers! You’ll rev it up with a mix of Tempo, Sweet Spot, Threshold, VO2’s, Anaerobic and even the diabolical Tabatas, which are all great for the all-around road racer.

Intervals and riding hours progress through the 6 weeks and there’s recovery built in too. We’ve included the FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet with a Field Test that you’ll do before and after so you can measure your improvement and keep your training zones accurate! And that makes following this plan with your smart trainer even better!

Additionally, this plan includes all the “marginal gains” details to get even faster: Recovery Techniques, Rest Days, a FREE YogaGlo membership, Foundations, and best of all, Strength and Conditioning – all you need is a physical therapy style rubber band and MOTIVATION! There are instructional videos in the plan for you to follow along at home. You’ll perform structured interval work during the week with the option to join group rides on the weekends which makes this plan great for days when it’s too dark or cold to ride outside before or after work!

Questions about our Road Racing Interval Training Plan? See our FAQ below or email/call: help@fascatcoaching.com or 720.406.7444

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at any time.

27 reviews for Road Racing Intervals

  1. Todd

    Switched to this plan after training through another popular platform all winter. Used Road Racing Intervals get set 6 weeks out from first (and right now only) rolling road race of the season. Great balance of stress and recovery and well prepared.

  2. Andrew Hellmich

    Great plan if you commit to the schedule.

  3. Ed Krasnai

    I loved the plan. This plan kept me motivated and focused through the end of the summer. I would highly recommend anyone this plan to anyone who wants to get faster and stronger! I plan to purchase the full off-season plan!

  4. Eric Ellis

    I’ll preface this by saying I have experience as a cycling coach, studied exercise science, and am a cat 2 rider. I have always been self coached for the 12 years I’ve cycled and raced. I’m always looking to improve and learn more about training techniques so trying a plan designed by someone else was a nice change. When you self coach, it’s easy to avoid or at least not emphasize training your weaknesses, because we all have those workouts we hate doing. That is where I saw the benefit the most I think. This plan had me doing more VO2 intervals, at a wider range of duration than I usually do. It also included threshold intervals which I’ve avoided for a while in place of sweetspot or low end VO2 work.
    I raced at the end of this plan and had a good result. Overall I was happy with the plan. The 5 days a week training with 2 rest days didn’t work the best for me because I usually rest on Sunday. It was hard to get all the volume I needed on only 5 days and would have found it much easier with 6 days training and 1 day off. I think I would add more Tabata type intervals, and a few over/under intervals in place of a couple of the threshold workouts. With these two additions, I think this plan would be perfect for me.
    In the end, this plan helped me stay focused, use my time efficiently, and pushed me to become stronger which is what a training plan should do.

  5. dara

    As a multi-sport coach with over 25 years of experience, it takes a GREAT plan written by another coach for me to spend time and money on it. FastCat Coaching plans are just that- well thought out, based on scientific data and experience with lots of good tips and support.
    I was too busy to write a good plan for myself and i bought this one to keep me motivated. Not only has it increased my motivation, it has increased my power output! Who doesn’t love that!?

    • Lacey Rivette, RDN

      Can’t speak for everyone, but we sure love that!
      Stoked that you enjoyed our plans and saw improvements in your performance. Way to FtFP!! 🙌🏼

  6. danielsolie843

    You get what you give

  7. Nicolò Sanfelici

    Just finished the plan: I have performed the first 3 weeks outside, and the last 3 inside on the trainer, due to covid italian restrictions. I really like the approach of the full gass intervals (especially tabatas): they make you fast!! #ftfp

  8. Eric Ernst

    I just completed the intermediate plan and loved it! This was my 5th training plan from Fascat and, possibly, my favorite so far. I really enjoyed the interval structures and programming. I was able to complete most all of the mid week workouts indoors and ride outdoors on the weekends. Thanks for another great training block!

  9. Johan Ahlbäck

    Great plan for when you are getting ready for the races.

  10. andyblackman777

    Great plan. I used this to good effect to prepare for my race season after base training.
    Highly recommended.

  11. Dwain

    This plan is good. Each workout helps with pushing your limit. I’ve only been on the plan for a few weeks and I am already seeing the benefits.

  12. Whit Robinson

    As much as I want to keep fascat coaching my little secret, I can’thelp telling my Bros how great is!!!
    Sure 4 any plan to be successful it requires much more than just following a plan. If you have that discipline and innerstand “marginal gains, ie nutrition, rest/recovery etc”, and appreciate a GREAT DEAL then You are at the right place. Learn Thy Body and You can bring yourself to the greatest version of You ever!!!
    Thanks again Frank & crew…Plan #3 in the books.
    States here i come.

  13. fatmore@yahoo.com

    I signed up to this plan late April 2019, early into my season. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

    The plan increased in intensity nicely and its the first time I’ve followed / stuck with a plan.

    3/4 of the way through the plan I won my first race, literally riding away from the field. This was due to a sustained 5 minute VO2 effort which I had built up to and knew I could hold during the training sessions.

    The results for me were:

    1. Race win
    2. Moved up a race licence catergory
    3. Numerous Power PB’s
    4. Increase in FTP of 5 watts

    Thanks guys!

  14. Benjamen Russell Shrewsberry

    Signed up for this plan midway through the season after coming off a knee injury but a big base period. These intervals will 100% make you faster if you FTFP. I’ve been stuck in the cat 2 land of racing with super fast 1’s and pros but this season I’ve been able to crack out results thanks to this plan. My only complaint is that the intervals may not always be tailored to your strengths. As in, some of the anaerobic intervals I was unable to complete. Some of the repeats were at my one minute all time best. I know this is one of my weaknesses but it was still hard to fathom doing some of that work at those percentages on repeat. Thanks again, Frank!

  15. James

    This has been the 3rd FasCat plan that I’ve completed and the results definitely followed. Top 5 in my first two road races of the year and eager for more. This plan has tough but doable workouts that’ll help you to stay with the lead group and have something left in the tank to attack.

  16. jcreel1

    This plan is fantastic. Each workout is challenging, but doable. I’ve only been on the plan for a few weeks, but already I’m crushing 5 minute efforts. Can’t wait to see what my FTP will be at the conclusion of the plan! Also, the Facebook group and podcasts provide plenty of motivation throughout the week.

  17. Tim Eltschlager

    These guys rock. I am half way through road racing intervals plan and already seeing fantastic benefits. The pod cast & social sites are very informative. The best I have encountered. Training Peaks, Zwift & Garmin IQ app (Training Peaks 820) integration were seamless.

  18. Bryan

    This is a great plan. It helped me complete my interval training without second-guessing what I was doing each day. Thanks Frank & FasCat!

  19. Inge

    I’m a 42 years old master racer and followed the 6 week road race intervals plan when training for my A race of 2018, the masters nationals road race. I came 7th at the race witch was beyond my expectation and goal participating first time in the nationals. I highly recommended Fascat coaching training plans.

  20. kaeptnkoepi

    Great plan. Covers all zones needed in road racing.

  21. Bret_Smith

    Great Race specific training program! Increased my FTP by 12 watts and have been consistently getting podium finished doing the Elite A Cat races on Zwift. Highly recommend!

  22. Jeremy Stitt

    As a 40+ year old cat 2, I needed to get back into race shape after a year off the bike. This six week plan had me riding close to the same level I was before I stopped. Some workouts are hard and require perseverance, but if you hang in there you WILL see results. There were several tough days where the workouts pushed me beyond my limits, but your body WILL adapt. When you are finished, you’ll be scrolling through the library looking for your next six week plan. Trust the Process!

  23. M

    hurts, but helps, helps bigtime

  24. julianduqueh

    Perfect to peak before an A-Race!!! I’m in the second week but i already analized the periodization and seems amazing. Totally recommended if you want to be great on the most important day: race day.

  25. rob

    this plan was great preparation for the road racing season. looking to break the training stagnation i was experiencing after a long winter of foundation work, this plan was challenging (in a good way). as a result, i’m a stronger rider. coach frank was readily available to answer any questions. fascat is hella rad!

  26. John

    This program will train all aspects of your form. I used it before my A race this season with great success…Coach Frank was always there answering my questions on Facebook support page helping me to fine tune the final details before the race. Thumbs up….

  27. Scott

    signed up for this plan prior to road racing season getting underway. Great variety of intervals which keeps workouts interesting while at the same time getting your body physically ready for racing.

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