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Sweet Spot Part 3 for the Ironman Triathlete

Designed By Coach Nadia

With the purchase of a FasCat Training Plan, you’ll get:

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Six more weeks of Sweet Spot training to put the finishing touches on your base fitness and boost your CTL before moving to race-specific efforts and taper!

This Sweet Spot Part 3 for Ironman athletes further builds your CTL after Sweet Spot Parts 1 & 2. As the plan progresses though the 6 weeks, you’ll transition into longer rides and runs at Ironman pace. If you haven’t tested your FTP lately, you’ll start this plan with a 20 minute Field Test to set your wattage and heart rate training zones on the bike using the included FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet! Then you’ll test again at the end to see the fruits of your labors of a 5-20% boost in your FTP!

Weekday workouts are kept shorter so you can fit them into your busy schedule and can be done on the bike trainer or treadmill when being outside isn’t an option. The long rides and runs on the weekends will start moving up to Ironman distances as your CTL builds, giving you a chance to test your race-day fueling strategies. Running and biking workouts can be downloaded directly to your Garmin Forerunner 935XT or Fenix 5 or smart trainer so you know you’re hitting all the right targets!

This plan includes a choose-your-own swim workout plan with 3 different levels of swim workouts each day that you’re at the pool. Pick the workout level that best matches your ability and delete the other 2. OR, if you have the time, add one of the other level swim workouts to the weekend for more time in the water!

Also included are all those extra details that make for a strong and resilient athlete like Yoga, Foundation exercises, and activation work to keep your hips mobile and healthy. Links to videos help ensure you’re doing the movements correctly.

Basic plan is for athletes with 8-12 hours per week to train.
Intermediate plan is for athletes with 11-16 hours per week to train.
Advanced plan is for athletes with 14+ hours per week to train.

Questions about this Six Week Sweet Spot plan for Ironman Triathletes or using this training plan? See our FAQ below or email/call: help@fascatcoaching.com or 720.406.7444

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at anytime. Example Workout:

Sweet Spot Example Workout


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6 Weeks

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Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

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