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Sweet Spot Part 3

Designed By Coach Frank

Sweet Spot Training Plan, Part 3 for athletes who are racing soon but still need to build a base/ride more/raise CTL/increase threshold power.  This 6-week plan is great to begin after you have completed sweet spot parts 1 and 2 or need to hit turbo with your sweet spot training.   When we recorded our “Switch from Base to Race” the Sweet Spot Part 3 plan was exactly what we were talking about.

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Sample Workout Gallery:


Sweet Spot Training Plan, Part 3 for athletes who are racing soon but still need to build a base/ride more/raise CTL/increase threshold power.  This 6-week plan is great to begin after you have completed sweet spot parts 1 and 2 or need to hit turbo with your sweet spot training.

Put the finishing touches on your ‘base’ and transition over to ‘race’ with this plan by bridging the gap between the two with Criss Cross Intervals and Over Unders.

Choose between a basic, intermediate or advanced plan depending on how much time you have to train and your age/ability level.  Continue to build your fitness with our third Sweet Spot build and simultaneously do a little bit of intensity to prepare for your first races of the season.

If you haven’t tested your FTP lately, you’ll start this plan with a 20-minute Field Test to set your wattage and heart rate training zones including Sweet Spot using the included FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet! Then you’ll test again at the end to see the fruits of your labors of a 5-20% boost in your FTP!

Plus, we’ve included all the “marginal gains” details to get even faster: Recovery Techniques, Rest Days, Yoga, Foundations, and best of all, Strength and Conditioning – all you need is a physical therapy style rubber band and MOTIVATION! There are instructional videos in the plan for you to follow along at home. You’ll perform structured Sweet Spot and Tempo intervals mid-week and have the option to join group rides on the weekends (where we coach you How to Sweet Spot on a Group Ride).  There’s also recommendations for riding longer/shorter for flexibility too.

Questions about our third sweet spot training plan? See our FAQ below or email/call: help@fascatcoaching.com or 720.406.7444

24 reviews for Sweet Spot Part 3

  1. Patrick van Gortel

    I’ve almost finished this plan. It’s a very clear and structured trainings plan. Normally I would go out for a ride and do some intervals. With this plan I’m working to a higher level.

  2. John bakoulis

    If you are not raceready yet and you are in a hurry for your first race then this sweetspot plan is made for you. It has all the right intervals and tips that will make you come on top early in the season. Of course coach Fred is always on the Facebook page answering all your questions and giving you valuable tips. I used it twice this year and found it very useful.

  3. Jamie Bishop

    I used this plan in May June this year as my final build up to my A event which was the Maratona Dolomites Gran Fondo. I did all the mid week workouts in Zwift and it worked perfectly. I’d say the plan was enjoyable but maybe thats the wrong word 😉 The planned worked for me and I completed the condo in 6:35 when my previous best was 8:30 – I’m sure I’ll use it again in 2018.

  4. Aaron Gouw

    Used this plan after my base season to prepare my for the upcoming race season. Lots of nice sweet spot work with some nice intensity thrown in toward the later half of the program to prepare you for the hard intervals to come during the race season. A nice progression that was not insanely hard but still challenging enough to make gains. Definitely felt stronger at the end of the 6 weeks! Thanks Frank and Co!

  5. Brendan O’Brien

    Feeling stronger from doing this plan. Choose this as a build up to the BWR plan. I really like the seamless integration between Training Peaks software and my Wahoo computer… workouts auto synced and were EZ to complete correctly with the prompts and info displayed.

  6. filip.photography

    great to do this structured plan , really great is just fits in training peaks and works easy!

  7. danielhurdle

    My 1st structured workout plan and I’d have to say it hit the bullseye. No more lying to myself on the intensity and rigor of my intervals/workouts. Follow the plan on Training Peaks, seamlessly download to my Wahoo Element (and Kickr indoors), and grind it out. Definitely found it challenging, especially the last 2 weeks interval workouts (built to transition from base to race). I’ll be moving on to another, race-specific plan now

  8. Iain Lea

    Great plan…..fits really nicely with Training peaks diary and syncs to my computer for each workout with structure.

  9. andy2

    Hard….but worth it……………!!!!!

  10. Chad

    This is a great plan. It certainly takes more basic sweet spot intervals to another level. I liked that for variability but also for training my ability to move between power zones and recover from hard efforts at higher wattage. Thanks FasCat!

  11. julianduqueh

    Bought the advanced plan…damn my legs are hurting, but i’m starting to measure the improvements i’m expecting. This is my second plan with FC and i absolutely recommend it.

  12. DSolie

    I used this plan coming off the indoor trainer. It was a great transition that help in the early parts of the season. The fitness the plan worked gave me a lot of confidence going into the race season

  13. Chad

    I had a good time with the SST series of plans. While I missed a workout here and there I definitely had a huge benefit and feel stronger than ever. The plans ramp well and SS3 ends with a blast that I was surprisingly ready for and able to handle with minimal swearing. My FTP raised by 25% after completing the 3 SST modules and I’m doing great pulls with the club and during events.

    Very happy with the results and will be following again next year.

  14. julianduqueh

    So you want performance? This is a MUST!
    I’m getting closer to that desired 5W/kg Wohoooo

  15. Jiri in Ned.

    This was my first training plan in years and I cannot say enough good things about it. I appreciated how responsive the team was to my questions and how well this plan was setup. It was easy to follow and I got a few top 10 Strava KOMs! I liked having Mondays/Fridays off and the longer rides on the weekend. The three midweek days were just right given my work schedule.

  16. miguelamar1

    Great combination of exercises and time on the bike to get you in shape for a race.

  17. James Servaites

    Amazing plan to get he diesel engine primed and ready for racing intervals. My FTP reached an all time high after completing this plan and I entirely plan to come back to it again in the future. I really appreciated the structured work outs when working my way through the winter months leading up to the racing season. Highly recommend!

  18. Nate Miller

    Good plan. Let me rack up quite a bit of CTL over the course of this and the other Sweet spot plans. I’ve just started on the road racing intervals. I feel like I’m strong and more able than usual to get those intervals accomplished. I suspect this will be a good start to a good season. Also the info from the podcast Frank does is great.

  19. sociajm

    Loved it. Gets you ready for your season.

  20. marcgwadz

    Seeing good results with SS3 (following SS2 – my power over a wide range (3′- several hours) compares well with the best efforts I’ve had in the last 6 years or so. I will continue with additional Fascat plans in the summer and fall.

  21. whit32169

    Finished up the rr/crit plan to be ready for the first part of racing season ,Asked the coaches for something to hold my fitness and build the engine over summer months(less races,more work/life,etc.). They suggested the SS3 plan and it was a game changer. I only did one hilly group ride a week during the plan and it was almost impossible to sit in I felt so efficient and stronger. I would highly recommend this plan if my statements resonate with you!!! Enjoy.

  22. Eric Ernst

    I’ve just completed Sweet Spot base 1, 2, & 3, and I feel more prepared than ever for the up coming road season. Using the basic plans allowed me to easily fit in the workouts and complete them entirely week after week. I used the crit intervals plan last year with equally satisfying results, and im looking forward to implementing it again in my build toward my first ‘A’ race of the season-Athens.

    Thanks for such great products! I recommend Fascat regularly to teammates and friends.

  23. TK

    Just wrapped up SS3 and completed the field test today. Feeling way stronger on the bike, and in the couple races I was able to do before Corona ruined things, I noticed I am able to handle the constant surges and finish the races feeling much stronger. First time using FasCat plans and started with SS2 into SS3….24watt improvement in FTP since start of SS2! Was planning on jumping into the road race intervals, but with current state of things I’m going to repeat SS3 again to build that base a bit more. #FtFP

  24. Eric Ernst

    Having completed the basic version of Sweet Spot 3, I’m back for the intermediate plan. I love all Fascat plans, but the Sweet Spot plans are some of my favorite. Due to the pandemic, I’m rearranging my training schedule and going to use Sweet Spot 3 to “re-base” my training. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do some sweet spot training while the weather’s nice!

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