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Gravel Training Plan

Designed By Coach Frank

This six week periodized training plan is specific to long gravel races like the LanRun100, Belgian Waffle Ride, Lost and Found, the Dirty Kanza, and Gravel Worlds.  Each week centers around a looooong gravel ‘simulation’ ride on Saturday. You’ll start with a field test to set your training zones with the included FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet. Choose the “hilly’ option for a course that has a lot of climbing or choose ‘flat’ for one without. There are even tips on nutrition & hydration that you can practice on these simulation rides!

Since Gravel Races are usually super hard, long events we recommend building as big a ‘base’ (high CTL) as you can beforehand with our sweet spot plans.  Choose our 18 weeks of sweet spot plan if you have 18 weeks to train prior to beginning your gravel plan for the 6 weeks that leads into your race.  Or if you have less that 18 weeks consider pairing our six week sweet spot plans beforehand: Sweet Spot Part 1, Sweet Spot Part 2 and Sweet Spot Part 3

With the purchase of a FasCat Training Plan, you’ll get:

  • Coaching Support in the FasCat Athlete Private Forum
  • FREE TrainingPeaks Account (30 Days Premium)
  • FREE YogaGlo Membership (60 Days)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back
  • Mobile App for the Forum and TrainingPeaks (iOS and Droid)
  • Daily Email Workout Reminders
  • GPS, Heart Rate, and Power Data Uploads

As a Training Plan athlete, you may want to add our Coaching Subscription to your Training Plan purchase. Our Coaching Subscription offers additional coaching services including monthly training plan adjustments, and power-file analysis. Click here to learn more


Do you have gravel on the brain? We’ll help you train! Our Gravel Training Plan will help you prepare to go long & strong over every climb and gravel section the race can throw at you. Choose between a basic, intermediate or advanced training plan based on the amount of time you have to train per week, your age and your ability level.

This periodized plan will have you progressing your riding time and intensity as you near race day. You’ll start with a field test will set your training zones with the included FasCat wattage and heart rate zones sheet. Then you’ll ride race simulations on the weekends leading into the race so you can make sure your legs & bike are ready! There are even tips on nutrition & hydration that you can practice on these simulation rides!

Additionally, this training plan includes all the “marginal gains” details to get even faster: Recovery Techniques, Rest Days, Yoga, Foundations, and best of all, Strength and Conditioning – all you need is a physical therapy style rubber band and MOTIVATION! There are instructional videos in the plan for you to follow along at home. You’ll perform structured Sweet Spot and Tempo intervals mid-week and have the option to join group rides on the weekends (where we teach you how to Sweet Spot on the group ride). There are also recommendations for riding longer/shorter for flexibility so you can stay on track when life throws a curve ball.

Questions about using this training plan? See our FAQ below or email/call: help@fascatcoaching.com or 720.406.7444

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at anytime.

9 reviews for Gravel Training Plan

  1. mark condon

    The plan was a very efficient, cost effective way to train for a gravel grinder. I thought the workouts were well thought out and prepared me well for a 70 mile gravel grinder. Thanks

  2. Tom Baker

    This plan helped me get a small but significant bump in FTP and a modest fitness boost. I followed it pretty close and the 2 week taper worked well for me. I went into my race well prepared but unfortunately mechanicals hampered me. I liked how the plan loaded right into my TrainingPeaks calendar. I was then able to easily re-arrange the workouts to fit my busy life. I did most of my weekday workouts on the trainer. My biggest complaint with the plan was that there were a number of 1-2 hour rides scheduled midweek. I didn’t have the time to do that so I compressed them and upped the intensity a bit to get close to the prescribed TSS. I used TrainerRoad and their workout library to find workouts that were close to what the plan called for. When I couldn’t find one I created it with the TR Workout Creator software. Using these tools got my ATL and CTL right about where Coach Frank intended. My only other criticism of the plan is one of the VO2 workouts was something like 30s at 200% followed by 4:30 at 120%. No way I could pull that off and I kind of doubt many could unless they had highly trained VO2 capacity. This plan was more focused on Sweet Spot and my numbers are showing that my SS and threshold capabilities benefited from the plan. The yoga and stretching content looked solid but I mostly skipped them in favour of more sleep recovery which I felt would serve me better.

  3. jamie.servaites

    This plan guided me to a 3rd place at my first gravel grinder this fall. I felt very prepared for the race and was able to hold on to all of the attacks and surges, while the lead group thinned out. I’d definitely follow this plan again!

  4. Bennett Hooks

    I used the gravel grinder training plan to get ready for LandRun100. My first century on road was the first week of January. I bought a power meter and purchased the plan—the plan helped me get ready for the sawtooth nature of the race. I met all but one of my goals—I’ll work on that one for next year. Next plan of action is getting ready for DK200 on June 1st.

  5. Rick Helfrich

    I used the 6 week intermediate Gravel Grinder plan to prepare for 2019 Barry-Roubaix. I realized a 17 watt increase in power when I took the initial FTP test (thanks in large part to another FasCat plan, the 100 mile MTB race plan – modified). It became very clear that I had been training with zones that were to low in range. I struggled with the new wattage at first. After a couple weeks, I wasn’t suffering through extended sweet spot sessions, and I could recover more effectively. Race day arrived and although my expectations were probably a little high, I still achieved a PR on the 62 mile course, despite some pretty wicked windy conditions. I’ve now transitioned to the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot plan, which will take me into the Iceman Cometh Race plan. My training, for the season, is pretty much covered! Thanks guys!

  6. bretthedges

    Frank and Team, – I completed the 2019 DK200 in 13:38 total time, and my training was done on all from Fascat Plans.

    Old Man Winter
    Sweet Spot 2,3
    Gravel Grinder with a few small alterations, mainly advised on the podcast, My biggest gravel simulation ride was 8:45.

    The plans were perfect to getting us (Myself & ride buddy Patrick) ready… It was a great day out, very hard but finished in fair shape. Thanks To all at FasCat, the plans, especially the sweet spot, intervals, and grinder prepared us superbly.

  7. gary hamer

    Coach Overton – Finished Gravel Worlds over the weekend, it went well. As always, the fascat plan was spot on. I continue to appreciate and enjoy the simplicity and straight forward workouts presented in the plans. I will continue to use and will continue to recommend the plans to any and all that ask.

  8. Carson French

    This plan was great! The use of Trainingpeaks makes doing this plan a breeze, just hop on your trainer or turn of your head unit and head out the door. The plan was quite hard at the advanced level and really promoted fatigue resistance, aka a lot of the intervals are after at least 750-1000 kj of endueance work. But for gravel this is great, the warning was right though…my base was not where it needed to be and struggled through most of the sweet spot and threshold intervals. Just keep this in mind and hope you enjoy as well!

  9. Brandon

    This plan provided me with the power to get up and over the hills that used to hold me back!

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