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Weight Lifting (at Home) for Cycling

Designed By Coach Frank

Increase your Functional Threshold Power this winter with our 12 week training AT HOME weight lifting plan. You will need a squat rack, 2 kettlebells (a light one and a heavy one) and a ViPR tube at home to complete this program.

Weight lifting for cycling ‘works’ and we’ve been coaching cyclists with cycling specific resistance training plans like this for 18 years.  This at home program is modified from our tried ‘n true 10 week weight lifting plans so you can stay safe at home this winter.  Listen to the Weight Lifting Podcast here!

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Weight lifting for cycling at HOME training plan. Cycling Specific Resistance Training described here.  Four 3 week Phases with accompanying neuromuscular sprint work to accentuate the gym work to make the weightlifting cycling specific. 12 weeks total

You will need a squat rack, a ViPR tube and 2 kettlebells (one heavy and one light) at home to complete this program.

Weight lifting for cycling ‘works’ and we’ve been coaching cyclists with cycling specific resistance training plans like this for 18 years.  This at home program is modified from our tried ‘n true 10 week weight lifting plans so you can stay safe at home this winter.

3 Weeks Adaptation

3 Weeks Hypertrophy

3 Weeks Strength

3 Weeks Power

This plan is perfect for the cyclist to begin in the Fall or early Winter (October/November/December/January/February) to prepare for the Spring/Summer season.  Or for the Cyclocross Athlete to begin January – March.

Questions about this training plan? See our FAQ below or visit our Forum

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at any time.

3 reviews for Weight Lifting (at Home) for Cycling

  1. Geraldine Vander Haegen

    I just finished the at-home weights program. I found it so daunting at the beginning that I decided the only way to get through it was to hire a coach too. I got on board with coach Allie Legg and with quite a bit of sweat and a few tears (no blood this round), and by taking it one day at a time, I achieved way more than I thought I could. I was worried about doing the jump squats when I started the program but by the time they rolled around, I was ready and they turned out to be my favourite part! Same with those long weekend rides – they loomed large but then I found I was ready for them. This program took me longer each day than described, but making the time to do every part of it has led to big strength gains. Unexpected bonuses: (1) some persistent knee pain has nearly gone away (2) I built my own squat rack and vipr tube so probably never have to pay club fees again and can instead keep investing in coaching. Win-win! Thanks for another well rounded and detailed plan.

  2. Tyler Goodyear

    I just finished this program. Even though this program is a precursor to Sweet Spot and Interval training, I have already seen positive gains on the bike. Namely, my Zone 2 is stronger. I can cruise in Zone 2 with a lower heart rate than before. Also the weight training, 12 minute Foundations, and yoga has improved my mountain bike handling skills. And my 15 second full gas efforts are stronger, too. So with these adaptations in the bag I am excited to transition into the Sweet Spot plan.
    With that being said here is my suggested feedback and comments on the program:
    BE SAFE WHEN DOING SQUATS! My suggestion for safely doing squats is to watch videos on proper form (including the videos provided by Fascat). While you are doing squats concentrate on activating your abdomen (suck in your gut) and active your glutes (squeeze your butt muscles). This tip really helped me keep my spine and lower back protected.
    I suggest Fascat also adds a video on how to safely do jump squats, as well.
    Next year I will be doing a faster ramp-up during the Adaptation phase. This year the transition from Adaptation to Hypertrophy was rough. I ended up with a sore lower back during the first week of Hypertrophy. For squats my 1 rep max was 225 LB. So I went from reps of 90 – 100lb at the end of Adaptation to 145 – 170lb in the first week of Hypertrophy. Next year I think I will add 5 – 10lb of weight each session during Adaptation (as opposed to the suggested 5lb) so that Hypertrophy isn’t such quick increase in weight.
    Another comment is all the weight lifting is tough to complete in just 30 minutes. If you want to keep the total workout time under 1.5hr during weight days you are going to have either cut out some zone 2 trainer time or not do all the weight lifting sets (consult your coach or the forum on what’s best for you).
    Overall, great program. Awesome way to start the season!

    • Lacey Rivette, RDN

      Hey Tyler, congrats on the fitness gains! We look forward to hearing how you continue to progress as you move through your sweet spot plans.
      Also, thanks for the feedback! It is always helpful to hear how we can improve and better serve our athletes.

  3. Roger Winn

    Just finished my At Home Weightlifting plan! Thanks FasCat for putting together the program and for the advice from both coaches and fellow athletes on this forum. Here are my initial takes on finishing the program.

    Pros: For someone who hasn’t even looked at weight in over 15 years, this program helped me get into lifting without injury. The adaptation plan helped me pace myself at the beginning. The “squats for cyclists” video helped clarify on what I should focus on with squatting, rather than sifting through all the different takes on the internet. I’m also glad to work some non-cycling muscles, so that I can have endurance throughout the cycling season. During the program I set PR’s for my max, 5 second, 10 second, 15 second, and 30 second power, so it definitely helped with my top end (which was my goal, I’m not a natural sprinter). Also, foundations has been great for me. Thanks for introducing me to a 12 minute video that has done more for my back than anything else in the past 10 years!

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