TSS Training is a precise way of training in a flexible, fun and productive manner. Its a combination of old school ‘just ride’ and new school power based metrics.  TSS or Training Stress Score is a metric that is calculated from your power data in TrainingPeaks using the equation: duration x’s Intensity Factor^2.  For 15 years I’ve been telling athletes how much TSS to ride while giving them the flexibility to adjust how hard based on how they feel during the ride. Why? Let me explain more in our youtube video:

TSS Training:

As I mentioned in the video, “sometimes you just gotta ride” but as a Coach I still want to tell the athlete how much and how hard.  TSS for coach is like the exact dose of medicine for a doctor. Dr’s prescribe medicine to help you feel better and similarly I prescribe TSS to make you faster. Here are a couple more examples

3 hours & 150 TSS

5 hours and 250 TSS

Simple and easy to manage rides, simply set up real time TSS to display on your bike’s computer and start riding. Glance at your accumulated TSS every 15 – 30 minutes and notice the rate at which it’s increasing. Are you on track to achieve your TSS goal? If so keep pedalling! If you are going to fall short you now have time to pedal harder to get back on track! Conversely going with the grain of fatigue you may feel good at the beginning of the ride, belt out the watts (& TSS) but then fatigue and need to not go so hard. No problem, with TSS training you can default down into a zone 2 ride and keep riding until you have achieved the prescribed TSS.


TSS Training is a great way to follow your training plan but be able to do a social group ride with friends. Or be able to choose variable terrain. For example, say you have a ride of 125 SS and you want to do some climbing; simply ride in sweet spot from the bottom to the top of the climbs and ride in zone 2 on the flats.  Similarly – join the group ride and notice that you got 100 TSS for a 90 minute group ride, then you cool down in zone 2 until you hit 125 TSS.

Zones 2 – Sweet Spot:

Ride between Zones 2 and Sweet Spot wattages per how you feel. If good – push sweet spot and achieve the goal TSS sooner.  If average (like me in the video) start off in sweet spot, get tired, and then ride in zone 2 until you achieve the prescribed TSS. Sometimes you may feel really tired and then you know your only going to be able to pedal in zone 2 and that’s fine. Simply plan on allowing a little more time to ride patiently in zone 2 to achieve the prescribed TSS.


TSS training is a way for me to prescribe a precise amount of training for an athlete in a fun and flexible way to ‘make trainingpeaks turn green’.  It is a great way to prescribe the weekend’s training or present a challenging goal for an athlete to chase during the week.  I use TSS training sparingly so don’t do TSS rides 5-6 times per week; more like once or at most twice per week.  Remember to have fun and enjoy the training all the while using sound sport science.

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