Frequently Asked Questions

updated May 28th, 2024 - our desktop web version is LIVE 💥

Additionally, CoachCat has 5 main capabilities:

  1. Custom Plan Builder 
  2. Instant Workout Analysis
  3. Custom Workout Recommendations - the no training plan, training solution
  4. Unlimited Instant Training Plan Revisions when work, weather, time, aka “life” happens.
  5. Auto FTP detection because Field Tests suck
Tell CoachCat what you want in the chat box, answer CoachCat's questions and ask lots of question back - just like you would with a real coach. 

Submit your Feature Requests HERE 🙏

Q: What wearables are compatible with FasCat?

A: Whoop, Apple Watch, Oura, FitBit and Garmin models that record sleep & HRV (like the Fenix and ForeRunner 955).  Eight Sleep too! 

Check if your Garmin records sleep & HRV here.

Q: Is FasCat compatible with Apple Watch?

A: Yes! 🚀 for sleep and HRV ❤️ (we are working taking in activity data)

Q: Can I record an activity on Apple Watch?

A: Not yet, we are working on this feature

Q: What bike computers are compatible with FasCat?

A: Garmin, Wahoo, and Hammerhead. We are working on Peloton & Strava.

Q: May I send my workout to my bike computer?

A: Yes, for Garmin and Hammerhead and we are working on Wahoo.

Q: May I send my workout to Zwift?

A: Not yet but we expect yes this Summer, 2024. We will do IndieVelo & Rouvy after Zwift.

Q: Do I need a wearable to use FasCat?

A: No. You do not need a wearable to follow a plan + your power data will point the Optimize needle.

Q: What is the difference between the basic and  the intermediate plans? 

A: The basic plan is 4-8 hours of training per week and the intermediate is 8-12 hours of training per week. More training will make you faster if you are on the fence. 💪

Q: Is Coaching Included?

A: Yes! Use CoachCat and you also get a 30 minute phone call with a FasCat Coach after staying subscribed for 3 months. 

Message us in APP and the FasCat Coaches will message you right back - tell us what you are training for and we can help you pair plans together for a year 'round training program! 

Q: Can I buy a plan like the way you use to sell plans? 

A: No, we have moved to a subscription-based training app. This allows you to pair multiple plans together like phases of training with our Custom Plan Builder.

 Coaching is included! Plus it allows us to innovate and bring you a complete training solution compared to one-off six week training plans. 

Q: How do I get help from the FasCat Coaches with my training plan? 

A: After subscribing, click the ⍰ in the upper right of the app. We will reply promptly during normal business hours, M-F 7am -6pm MST.

Q: Can I use the training plan on Zwift?  

A: Yes! But at the moment you will have to do the workout manually or ask for our workaround solution; we are waiting on Zwift to grant us access to their API to make this feature possibility.

Q: Can I export my workouts to my bike computer?

A: Yes - you may export to your Garmin, Wahoo and Hammerhead bike computers! 

Q: Do I need a power meter to follow your plan? 

A: No, you can follow our plan with a heart rate monitor and rate of perceived exertion. All our plans are zone-based and work with power meters, heart rate monitors and RPE.  You really only need a timer and bike in order to improve with Optimize!

Q: Do I need a power meter to use FasCat? 

A: Not really, heart rate based training is great too!

We have a heart rate-based OTS feature for non powermetered activities (like running and swimming)

Q: Does FasCat sync with TrainingPeaks? 

A: No, you can follow your plan inside our app. We have a desktop, now! Wwould like this integration tho (we asked them)

Q: What if I have a question about my plan?

A:  Click the ⍰ in the upper right of the app for all coaching and training plan support questions - we're here to help!

Q: Which plan should I do?

A: Use the Custom Plan Builder to use our plans like phases of training. 

Q: I have a work trip coming up where I won’t be able to follow the plan. What should I do?

A: Ask CoachCat for a plan revision and get an instant answer!