Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I buy the basic plan but want to switch to the intermediate? 

A: Send an email to help@ and they will switch out your plan at no charge.

Q: What is the difference between the basic and  the intermediate plans? 

A: The basic plan is 4 – 8 hours of training per week and the intermediate is 8 – 12 hours of training per week.  More training will make you faster if you are on the fence 💪

Q: How do I get help from the FasCat Coaches with my training plan? 

A: After purchasing a plan, you’ll be invited to join a private athlete forum (formerly our private Facebook Group)using your login credentials from the fascat site to gain you access.

Q: Can I use the training plan on Zwift and my Garmin? 

A: Yes! You may export your training plan from TrainingPeaks to Zwift or your Garmin/Wahoo bike computer.  Here’s how (its so easy and a terrific feature 😎)

Q: Do I need a powermeter to follow your plan? 

A: No, you can follow our plan with a simple heart rate monitor and rate of perceived exertion. All our plans are zone based and work with powermeter, heart rate monitors and RPE.

Q: I already have a TrainingPeaks account, how does that work?

A: Be sure to use the email associated with your TrainingPeaks account to buy your FasCat training plan. After you accept your plan it will be in your TrainingPeaks training plan library. Then all you have to do is ‘apply your plan’.  The instructions are in  this post.

Q: Do I need to pay for TrainingPeaks to use your plans?

A: No, a FREE basic TrainingPeaks account is all you need but we do start you off with a FREE 30 Day Premium and thereafter a 20% discount off.  But again, free basic works.

Q: What if I have a question about my plan?

A: For  all coaching & training plan support questions, please post in the forum

Q: Can I buy now and play later?

A: Yes, you can choose any start date in the future and the plan is yours forever to do year after year 

Q: What plan should I do next after I finish the one I bought?

A: That’s a great question and would depend on a number of variables. Posting the question in our forums “What Training Plan Should I Do Next?” would be the best.

Q: I have a 4 day work trip coming up where I won’t be able to follow the plan, what should I do?

A: Ask for advice in the forum but This post will show you how to edit your FasCat training plan and move around key workouts.

Q: I don’t use TrainingPeaks. Is this something I have to use? Is it worth it?

A: TrainingPeaks is a 100% free  to view workouts, analyze your rides, and keep your ride data organized. For this reason TrainingPeaks is what we use for all of our plans and it is 100% better than the days of old and excel documents, pdf’s and microsoft WORD calendars.

*We also give you a FREE 30 Day Premium account with the purchase of your plan.

Q: I’ve gotten the email to accept the plan. When should I click it?

A: The link expires in 72 hours after you get it. So you will want to click it immediately, from there the plan is yours forever in your training plan library and you may use it over and over starting any date you wish.

Q: I tried to apply my plan and got an error. What do I do?

A: Make sure you’re applying the plan on a desktop and not a mobile device or tablet (you can’t apply your plan using the mobile app).

Q: I used your 30 day free premium code the last time I bought a FasCat plan. Can I use this code again?

A: Our code only works once per TrainingPeaks account, but we will also send you a 20% discount code for a premium account once you purchase a plan.