Custom Training Plan Builder

From the Flanders Sportive to the Leadville Trail 100 to Unbound Gravel to just being fit for the group ride, riders have a wide variety of cycling goals for 2024. But how do you get there? How do you time and stack up your various training plans and goals to arrive at your event primed and ready to go?

That’s exactly what this podcast is all about: our brand new custom training plan builder feature 💪 We’ll talk about the three main phases of training you need, and how to work your way backwards from your target to right here, right now.
And we are introducing our brand new CUSTOM Training Plan Feature: 
Enter how much time you have to train per week, your type of target event — road, gravel, mountain bike, fondo, et cetera — and your event's date. Then Optimize works backwards building a sequence of training plans (phases) to drop you off on race day ready to rip. 
Those three phases are:
  • Off season training - with weights, or not
  • Base training - with Sweet Spot
  • Interval training / event-specific plans - with long endurance training  

On this podcast we walk you through four goal scenarios, to help you understand how to tweak the training process to get where you want to go.

And we’re going to tell you about how our Optimize app can automate and simplify this whole process for you - all while tracking your progress and your training-to-recovery balance.

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