Cycling is More FUN when You are Fit !! 

Let FasCat help with our new Training Platform

Our new AI-powered, CoachCat is like having a coach for a fraction of the price.  Even better, our AI Coaching is a brand new way to improve! Its more fun and flexible than traditional training plans. 

The first month is FREE - so go ahead, see what your data says about your improvement and tell CoachCat your goals. 

CoachCat helps you improve in 5 ways with:

1. a custom training plan

2. automatic FTP detection

3. training plan revisions

4. custom workouts

5. instant ride and recovery data analysis 

Not into following a plan because you want to train the way YOU want to train? We got you - our AI Coaching is a brand new way to improve.  You can decide what to do day-by-day based on work, weather, and what you have going on (group rides and events) or necessary days off / vacation. 
  • We conduct free, 45-minute video calls with your riders to talk about their cycling goals and how FasCat can help them reach those goals.
  • At the end of the call, we’ll answer any questions your riders have
  • As a measure of our appreciation on helping organize the call, we’ll give you a FREE FasCat subscription!

Click here to schedule a day and time convenient for you and your group, and I’ll contact you personally to go over the presentation.

Want to get even more involved with FasCat?

Email me at to learn more! 


Jeff H. The FasCat app is now like having a personal coach without having to pay for 1x1 coaching, and wait for them to analyze my data or respond to my requests.
Thomas: The FasCat implementation of AI is miles better than Whoop's. Lots of companies are putting AI into things because it's a shiny object. You guys have done it quite well and it's helping my training a LOT.