New Athlete Handbook

Welcome to FasCat Coaching! Please read through this new athlete handbook to help make your coaching experience the best it can possibly be. All FasCat coaches communicate freely and take pride in providing sustainable, long term coaching relationships. The most difficult time (yet exciting) in a coach/athlete relationship is getting started. This handbook is a way to make this transition easier and more enjoyable for you as an athlete. Here are a few basics:

  • For Chase & Catch Level Coaching, we will craft your training plan in TrainingPeaks which is ‘in the cloud’. It ensures plans are easy to change and provide excellent customization. You’ll enjoy access to your training on a variety of platforms thru Android and iOS devices.
  • For Hunt Level Coaching, you will use the FasCat App for a custom plan under the direction of your FasCat Coach.
  • While a power meter is not required for coaching we HIGHLY recommend their use.
  • Please prepare for your coaching consultation by reading thru this handbook and bring lots of questions and points to discuss.

The key of any coach/athlete relationship is communication. At FasCat we prefer to use the communication method you prefer. Some athletes love e-mail, others prefer the phone and more recently are video calls. Texting is OK for updates but not for effective coaching communication. We want to use what’s best for you. We normally attempt to return athlete initiated contact on the same business day during normal business hours. Using a power meter and having data files for your coach to review serves as another key component of communication.

Our Coaching Levels are priced upon the amount of communication between the coach and athlete. 

While we encourage communication, the amount of communication you are to receive is dependent on the coaching plan you choose above.

If you anticipate needing frequent training plan revisions in-between your regular phone consultations please select our Chase or Catch level Coaching.  On the other hand, if you can fine with using our CoachCat for your questions and training plan revisions inbetween your 1x1 coaching calls, the Hunt level is a fine choice. 

It is important to note, Hunt Level Coaching uses the FasCat App and Chase & Catch Level Coaching uses TrainingPeaks in addition to the FasCat App.  All coaching levels include CoachCat Turbo for recovery, nutrition and instant data analysis.

If you want to speak with your FasCat Coach more than once every 4 weeks, please choose the Catch level Coaching plan.

Similarly, if you would like your power data review more frequently than once per week, please choose the Catch level Coaching plan.

You may move up or down a level by logging into your account and changing your subscription. You may also receive up to a 20% discount for whole year advance coaching payments.

Data Analysis
You’ll receive instant data analysis from CoachCat for all coaching levels.  For Chase and Catch level Coaching your coach will also analyze your data in TrainingPeaks on a weekly or bi-weekly frequency. 

First and foremost you can expect to get a lot faster on the bike! All of our coaches adhere to the FasCat Core Values. If at any time you feel like your coach is not working at or above these standards please contact owner and founder, Frank Overton.

As a FasCat athlete we expect you to follow the training calendar we prescribe for you as closely as possible. As such, it is essential that you communicate ALL potential issues affecting your ability to carry out your training to your coach BEFORE they build your next schedule during your regular coaching consultations and by email. We also expect to receive regular feedback from you in your own words. The post activity comments in TrainingPeaks is the best place for that in addition to the regular coaching phone call consultations.

Lastly, we will be scheduling a regular coaching consultation every 4 weeks (or every 2 weeks for the Catch Level) in order to check in with you about your training. This is an essential conversation to planning out your next training block.  Be in front of your TrainingPeaks looking at your training during the call (not driving). Prepare for this phone call by having your entire work, family, travel schedule entered into TrainingPeaks.  A successful coach-athlete relationship relies on your communication and feedback.

Plan changes due to illness, injury, or weather related limitations are always part of all FasCat coaching packages. Please let your coach know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE when these events arise for advice and to have your plan updated. If you require frequent plan changes due to dynamic work and/or family schedules please consider a higher level coaching plan that involves more contact to ensure your changing needs are always met in a punctual manner.

It is imperative that you examine and choose the correct coaching plan. It is highly recommended that athletes desiring more attention choose a higher coaching level to ensure the most productive coach-athlete relationship. All plans include abundant communication with your coach when you are getting up to speed with your plan as well as if you become ill or injured. Communication Frequency & Coaching Level specifications may be reviewed here.

We bill every 4 weeks which is different than a monthly bill cycle.  This allows us to stagger calls and new training blocks design over the course of the month and not all at once at the end of the month, Please review the terms and conditions on our sign up page. Every 4 weeks you will receive a new training calendar & your card will be run unless you have chosen annual discounted payment plan. You will receive a sales receipt by email. You will know when your billing cycle is by the “end block” on your training calendar.

At this point you have already filled out your new athlete questionnaire and have scheduled your initial consultation with your new FasCat coach. Some items to consider for this meeting:

What are your goals and/or races to focus on for the coming year

As in What you are training for!

Limitations affecting your training (work, family, weather, hobbies, etc)

Preferred coaching level (HUNT > Chase > KILL) and communication frequency: once or twice monthly.

Whether you prefer to use the FasCat App or TrainingPeaks platform.

Questions about sharing your power data

Thank YOU and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals! If you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to call or email.