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Get Ready to Ride
The FasCat App syncs data from all of your devices, delivering a clear & actionable Optimize Score that gauges your training "readiness".
Plan Revisions, On the Fly
When life get's in the way, CoachCat helps you revise your training plan on the fly – so you can keep on track and ride faster.
Detailed Workout Analysis
Get all of the data from your workouts – in one, easy to manage view.
Auto FTP
CoachCat delivers an instant post-workout analysis, letting you know how well you performed and how to best recover.  
For a more personal touch, get 1:1 coaching from one of our experts.

If you want that extra motivation, hands-on approach and expert ear, we offer several 1:1 coaching programs that take the FasCat app to the next level. Find the right fit from our staff of seasoned coaches to get you riding faster and give you support, guidance and feedback every pedal stroke of the way.

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“You really have built something unique with CoachCat, it’s a total game changer.”
Jeff G.
Training Goals
Complete Unbound in under 12 hours, raise his FTP to 275w.
Claim to Fame
Finished Top 20 in his age group at BWR Arizona.