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We offer personalized cycling coaching to all levels of cyclists. We build annual coaching plans as well as a variety of cycling training plans that are tailored to match your cycling goals and busy schedule. Founded in 2002 by Frank Overton, FasCat Coaching relies on experience from over 15 years of cycling coaching, racing, training, and sports science. We blend our experience with the latest cycling training tools and methodology to help you achieve your goals. We prioritize frequent communication between the coach and athlete to ensure that your cycling training plans make you ride faster.

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Sweet Spot Part 1

With this plan, you can "sweet spot up the whazoo" and raise your threshold power output! This periodized plan will have...
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Six Weeks Till Cyclocross

Well, you've done it now: you committed to racing cyclocross and you need to get your act in gear.  Have no fear the "o...
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18 Weeks of Sweet Spot

18 weeks of Sweet Spot riding to build your CTL and increase your aerobic fitness. We combined Sweet Spot parts 1,2, and...
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Off Season Resistance Training + Sweet Spot “Base”

Increase your Functional Threshold Power this winter with our 32-week training plan. Weight lifting for cycling aka re...
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