Optimize Training Plans and Coaching Subscription

Unlimited, Custom Training Plans, in App Coaching, Optimized Power and Wearable Data Analysis & Improvement Metrics 📊

You are subscribing to Optimize powered by FasCat. Includes: unlimited training plans, meal plans, workouts and recipes + our new sport science technology: Optimize! Optimize combines your power and wearable data into an easy to understand training-recovery data visualization. Subscription may be canceled at any time, Auto Renews.

About Optimize Training Plans and Coaching Subscription

  • unlimited Training Plans, Workouts, Meal Plans and Recipes
  • daily Optimization from your power, sleep and HRV data
  • in App Coaching is Included with our team of expert Coaches

Plan out your entire year with unlimited access to all our training plans including 300+ workouts to design your own training plan or use ours as a template.  

As long as you stay subscribed you'll have unlimited access to all our training plans and 300 workouts.  Includes in App and a private Facebook Group for coaching support! 

Your subscription also includes a daily Optimized Score from your ride AND wearable data (sleep & HRV) to let you know if you are training too much, not enough or just right.  

Your optimized metric is a 24/7/365 measurement of your stress - from riding and from life (the other 22.5 hours of the day if you ride 1.5 hours)

Compatibility: You do not need a wearable to follow a plan but it helps to leverage our technology!

Wearables: Whoop, Oura, Garmin, Fitbit and Apple Watch.

Bike Computers: Wahoo, Garmin  & Hammerhead

Buy 1 year & save 30%  !

**This subscription offers you the option to pay on a month-to-month basis or save 30% when you purchase a full year. 

As an Optimize Subscriber, you will receive a FREE  Coaching Consultation after staying subscribed to Optimize for 3 months.  You will receive a coupon code to redeem the consultation for free and then be sent a calendar link to schedule. 

You'll receive a FREE month of Coaching after staying subscribed for 12 months which includes a custom 4 week training plan, a 30 minute coaching call and a ride analysis! 

Our Coaching Consultations offers additional coaching advice on your data, which training plans to follow along with real world practical expert coaching advice from the FasCat Coaches!  

Included in Your Subscription

💥 Unlimited Training Plans, Workouts, Meal Plans and Recipes

🙋‍♀️ in App Coaching: a FasCat Coach will respond, 1x1, in 30 minutes or less

🔥 Optimization of your Wearable Data (Sleep & HRV)

🔋 Discounts with our Partners: Whoop, Castelli, Hammerhead, Stages and More! 

💸 Subscribe 1 Year & Save 34%

📈 Your subscription renews on a monthly or annual basis

📞 Coaching Call after staying subscribed for 3 months (30 minute consultation)

💰 FREE Month of Coaching after staying subscribed for 12 months (4 week custom training plan + data analysis)