Triple Bypass

Six Week Training Plan with Threshold Climbing Workouts & Long Rides Specific for the Triple ByPass


About Triple Bypass

  • Features Sweet Spot, Tempo & Threshold Intervals to prepare you for the long sustained climbs!
  • Group Rides & Simulation Rides on the Weekend
  • Includes a Taper into the Race + Leg Openers

Tackling the Triple Bypass this year? Our six week training plan will help you get your legs & lungs in shape for this legendary ride! One day not enough for you? Our plans include options for those riding the Double Triple too! Choose between a basic, intermediate or advanced training plan based on the amount of time you have to train per week, your age and you ability level.

If you are more than 10 weeks out, consider following the Climbing Plan. And our 16 weeks of Sweet Spot if you are looking for the ultimate prep!

This plan is periodized so your riding time and effort will increase over time to boost your strength and endurance for those long climbs. You can ride the workouts with a powermeter, heart rate monitor, or Rate of Perceived Exertion and a bike computer with cadence. You'll start with a Field Test to set your training zones and you'll find the FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet that in this plan which includes Rate of Perceived Exertion too! There's long rides in the hills on the weekends as well as low cadence Muscle Tension Intervals to improve your cycling strength and muscular endurance for those long climbs. During the week, you'll ride aerobic workouts intervals like Sweet Spot to train your aerobic system and increase your chronic training load.

Additionally, this Triple Bypass training plan includes all the "marginal gains" details to get even stronger: Recovery Techniques, Rest Days, Yoga, Foundations, and best of all, Strength and Conditioning - all you need is a physical therapy style rubber band and MOTIVATION! There are instructional videos in the plan for you to follow along at home.


As a Training Plan athlete, you may want to add our Coaching Subscription to your Training Plan purchase. Our Coaching Subscription offers additional coaching services including monthly training plan adjustments, and power-file analysis. Click here to learn more. Sample Workout Gallery:

Included in the Plan

  • Coaching Support in the FasCats Online Coaching Group
  • FREE TrainingPeaks Account (30 Days Premium)
  • 20% off Stages Power Meters
  • Invitation to private Facebook Group
  • FREE YogaGlo Membership (60 Days)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back
  • Mobile App for the Forum and TrainingPeaks
  • Daily Email Workout Reminders
  • GPS, Heart Rate, and Power Data Uploads

Additional Information

Plan Type
Basic (4-8 hours/week), Intermediate (8-12 hours/week), Advanced+ (12-16 hour/week)
6 Weeks

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