Sweet Spot + Resistance Training

Included in Optimize - our new training platform! Resistance Training and Sweet Spot "Base" 16 Week training plan. Cycling Specific Resistance Training as described here.


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About Sweet Spot + Resistance Training

  • 16 Weeks of training perfect for building your aerobic base in the off season
  • Four Phases of resistance training with neuromuscular sprint work 
  • Combines our 10 weeks of weight & Sweet Spot Part 2

Resistance Training and Sweet Spot "Base" 16 Week training plan. 10 weeks of Cycling Specific Resistance Training as described here followed by Sweet Spot Part 2.

The Four Phases of resistance training with accompanying neuromuscular sprint work to accentuate the lifting to make the weightlifting cycling specific. Then you'll ride gobs of Sweet Spot to increase your aerobic fitness. If you are starting your training early in the off season (October - December) and your race schedule for the following year permits, we recommend going with our 30 Week Off Season Plan!

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