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With the new era of technology-driven training becoming increasingly more common, we have been getting a lot of inquiries on how best to transfer workouts from our training plans to bike computers and smart trainers. While there are numerous systems out there, we're going to walk you through most common ones we see. Watch our video to see how easy it is to synch your plan with Zwift.

All of the interval workouts in our training plans can be exported through the workout builder feature in TrainingPeaks by clicking the "Export Workout File" icon in the upper right.


On your desktop, synch your Zwift account with your TrainingPeaks account. As outlined here:

Then from "Ride Type" select "Training" and look for "TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts". Then (!) your workout for the day will be available to select and perform.

Garmin- Manual Export

There are several ways to export workouts to a compatible Garmin device, one way is to manually drag & drop the exported workout to your bike computer. In the Export Workout File pop up screen, choose the FIT option for Garmin.

Export as a FIT for Garmin. Once downloaded, plug in your Garmin device, locate the "Workouts" folder of your Garmin, and proceed to drag and drop the FIT file you just downloaded from Trainingpeaks.

Drag & drop the exported workout file to the Workouts folder of your Garmin. Then start your workout by going to the "Workouts" folder on your Garmin device and selecting the desired workout.

Get ready to ride!                 

Garmin- Connect IQ TrainingPeaks App

For this option you will first need to sync your compatible Garmin device through Garmin Connect, then download the TrainingPeaks Daily Workout IQ App to your Garmin and authorize it to access your TrainingPeaks account via the Garmin Connect phone app. From here, go make sure your phone is connected to your Garmin, then click on the IQ icon. Then select TrainingPeaks (you may need to authorize it one more time).  

Sweet Spot 3 x 8 downloaded via Gamin Connect IQ app. Start your Garmin, select the desired workout, and go!                  

Wahoo Export, including KickR, Elemnt and Bolt

Wahoo has made uploading workouts very simple through their Wahoo Elemnt Companion App for your smartphone. Once connected to your Elemnt or Bolt bike computer, go to "Profile" and click on "Linked Accounts," then authorize your TrainingPeaks account to sync with the app. Next, click on the "Ride" tab in the app, then go to "Planned Workout."

Select the desired workout (don't forget to refresh the page to tell the app to sync if you don't see the workout!), then click "Select Workout Plan" and get ready to ride! If you're using a KickR, you're ready to go! If you're using an Elemnt or Bolt, pull up the settings tab on your computer, scroll down to "Planned Workout," then click on the desired workout and press Start!

Select your workout from the menu

Hit the Start button and get riding, indoors or out!

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About Isaiah Newkirk

Isaiah has been coaching for 12+ years and a FasCat Coach for 6. He came to us as a graduate of collegiate cycling powerhouse Marian University competing in Track, Road, and Cross. Isaiah raced Professionally on the Road for years, racing all over the world, and doing iconic US races such as Tour of Utah and Tour of Colorado. Since "retiring" he has shifted focus to doing races to the likes of LT100, Unbound, and other endurance events. Isaiah started coaching in 2008 when he was asked to coach a little 500 team in his home town of Bloomington, IN. Since then coaching has become a passion for Isaiah and he is eager to help any rider achieve their goals and potential. Isaiah has coached athletes to National titles, World Titles, and to the professional ranks. Isaiah is a USA Cycling Level 1 coach, TrainingPeaks Level 1, Certified Skills Instructor, and was a speaker at the USA Cycling Coaching Summit 2020. Isaiah is also director and performance manager for Domestic Elite Team : Project Echelon.

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