FasCat Coaching is headquartered in Boulder, CO, the premier North American endurance sports mecca. Home to many professional athletes and a vibrant cycling community, FasCat is at the heart of a strong endurance training community. 

Frank Overton started FasCat in 2002 based on his racing career, graduate degree in physiology, the emerging sports science power-based training field and his frequent communication between the coaches and the athletes.  

FasCat coaches athletes worldwide fulfilling its mission 'to share our expertise to help athletes ride faster'.

All of the FasCat Coaches have been carefully selected for their experience, qualifications and passion for coaching athletes. Read more about our Core Coaching Values. 


  1. Level 2 USA Cycling Certified Coaches or higher
  2. Category 2/Semi-Pro Racer or higher
  3. Professional career coaches where coaching is our # 1 focus
  4. Each of our Coaches has over 15 yrs (each!) training, racing and coaching athletes with powermeters.



Using our combined experience, FasCat Coaching has created over 70 training plans that can be purchased a la carte by athletes who want an expert plan without having to hire a coach. All training plans include:

  1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back
  2. FREE 30 Day Premium TrainingPeaks Account (with your first plan) + 20% off Annual TrainingPeaks Premium Account
  3. Mobile App (iOS and Droid)
  4. Lifetime access to your training plan
  5. Daily Email Workout Reminders
  6. GPS, Heart Rate, and Power Data Uploads
  7. Support via Email and our Athlete Forum
  8. Yoga Routines with Video
  9. Race Specific Power and Heart Rate Workouts
  10. Strength & Conditioning Routines with Video