It’s December, which means next year is upon us and thoughts are quickly shifting towards the race season. What are you doing to ensure an improvement over last year? What kind of training are you doing? Are you just winging it? There’s a certain combo of art and science to the base building phase of a training calendar, and in Coach Frank’s extensive experience of coaching cyclists he’s come up with a healthy dose of each to help you go faster. What’s the key component? Sweet spot training.

We’ve talked about sweet spot a lot on the show and it’s weaved into almost everything FasCat does, but this week on the last episode of the year, Coach Frank breaks down how and why you should be incorporating sweet spot training into your plan to build a bigger and better base for 2020. He’ll cover:

What is Base Training?

Why Sweet Spot is Better than Zone 2 for Base Training

Power Based Sweet Spot Metrics – Quantitate the SIZE of your base

How many weeks to Sweet Spot?

What training plans to do to get your Sweet Spot on

What Sweet Spot base Building looks like day-to-day in a training plan

And plenty more. Also, for even more sweet spot nerdiness check out our youTube channel and video training tip on Why Sweet Spot training is better than Zone 2.

You may also find the Fatigue Dependent Training Plan Design tip a helpful read.

As always, thanks to everyone for subscribing and leaving a review on Apple Podcasts, your support this year has been incredible! We’re extremely grateful, and excited about what’s to come in 2021. Now go ride your bike and begin sweet spot training!

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