Continuing with the progression in early season training periodization, we’re now getting into the real work of the race season and everyone’s favorite part of training: intervals.

We did an episode way back in the beginning of the FasCat podcast on intervals, but we wanted to revisit the topic in order to prepare you for getting ready for your target races and to simplify this often overly complicated component of training. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the different types of intervals, the duration and setup of the workouts, and what kind of intervals to do for specific types of racing. Our goal with this podcast is to break it down so that you head into the interval season with more confidence.

We discuss the utility of zones 4,5, and 6 intervals and who they are for, and then the purpose of sprint workouts and tabatas on race performance. For more information and deeper dives into this topic, check out the interval section of our website.

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