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Intervals Tips

Training Tips for Cycling with Coaching Advice and Expertise from the FasCat Coaches.

VIDEO: Switching from Base to Race

Intervals, Videos

This week’s video podcast is all about how and when to switch from the base phase of training into the race specific phase to maximize performance and form going into your target race(s). Let’s make you faster.

Video: How to Train for a Strava PR or QOM/KOM

Intervals, Training with Power, Videos

In this video, Coach Frank and former pro turned un-professional cyclist Phil Gaimon talk about how to build your Strava training plans, with a focus on winning Strava KOMs or setting your own PR. Shot beautifully in Phil’s…

Cyclocross Interval Workout for the Pre-Season

Cyclocross, Intervals

Here is an introductory cyclocross interval workout you can perform before the racing starts  that’s just the right amount of cyclocross specificity and volume: Zone 6, Over / Unders: 4 x 2.5 min On 2.5 min OFF with…

Interval Training for Cycling


Let’s talk about getting faster! If there was a nutritional supplement out there guaranteed to make you a faster cyclist (there’s not), you’d take it right? In this training tip I’ll describe ways perform cycling workouts to make…

YouTube Training Tips Channel

Coaching Advice, Intervals

FasCat is turning 15th this Memorial Day (2018) so we decided to start a YouTube Training Tips Channel!  Our goal is to share training tips that you can use on your next ride: Our training tips youtube channel…

How to Train for Strava: Race Day Tips


Phil Gaimon and I have been going for Strava KOMs for over a year now, and before that, it was hill climb victories and world tour prowess.  In this training tip we want to tell you how to…

How to Train for a Strava PR or KOM


Phil Gaimon and I have been going for Strava KOMs for over a year now, and before that, it was hill climb victories and world tour prowess.  In this training tip we want to tell you how to…

Ardennes Classic Training: VO2 Max Intervals to Improve Your Climbing


In mid April the cobbled classics are history and Ardennes week has arrived: Amstel Gold, Fleche Wallonne and Liege Bastogne Liege. These races feature narrow roads littered with numerous short, steep climbs, 30 seconds to 5 minutes in…

How to Perform Time Trial Intervals


Time trial intervals are simple yet complicated at the same time.  The simple part is going as hard as you can. The complicated part is at what wattage? We coach athletes to do both simultaneously, with real time power…

How to Perform VO2 Max Intervals with your PowerMeter

Intervals, Training with Power

(This post was originally written for Velonews) When the hammer drops on your next group ride it is likely a VO2 effort. I see it all the time in reviewing athlete’s power data: the crux of getting into…

Criss-Cross Intervals


Criss-Cross intervals mimic the power demands* of road and mountain bike races. In this training tip, we’ll describe the how, what, where, and why of criss cross intervals and give you some example workouts plus a 4 week interval…

How to Perform Intervals Properly with a PowerMeter

Intervals, Training with Power

by Frank Overton February 19, 2003!  revised February 2016 When I bought my first powermeter in 2001, one of the things I first learned is that intervals are performed so much better by power than by heart rate.  In…

Training Zones

Intervals, Training with Power

Training zones enable athletes and coaches to achieve precise physiological adaptations from their training.  In essence, training zones tell the athlete how hard or easy to pedal in a workout or on a training plan. FasCat uses the seven…

Tabata Intervals

Intervals, Training with Power

In the cycling world, the ability to go extremely hard for a short period of time often determines the outcome of a race. From a 10 second finish line sprint at 60kph, to a 30 second, 10% steep climb; raw…

Teaching Criterium Tactics Using On Board Cameras

Intervals, Training with Power

by Isaiah Newkirk, July 2016 In cycling, it’s not always the strongest person that wins; it’s the smartest. Conserving energy, exploiting your opponents weaknesses, reading the competition in front of you, and using the race course to your…

Race Specific Cycling Intervals


by Frank Overton, 2004, revised May 2016 Race specific cycling intervals: what are they, how and why you should do them. Smart training revolves around precisely understanding the power demands of your event and then designing workouts to simulate that power…

Criterium Racing: Watts Up?

Intervals, Training with Power

by Frank Overton Beep, beep…beep, beep: We interrupt the regularly scheduled Tour de France coverage for an in depth close to home analysis of US criterium racing. What?! We can’t all enter races like the Tour. Some racers…

Criterium Race Tactics and Strategies

Intervals, Training with Power

by the FasCat Coaches, March 2016 Every week the FasCat Coaches get together to discuss and share ways to help out our athletes.  We cover a variety of topics like off season and resistance training, indoor trainer workouts, TSS, the Performance Manager…

Enduro Training for Cross Country


July 2015 Enduro racing is on the rise worldwide and more and more DH stars are choosing to race the new format. But XC racing is still king, and you can embrace a little enduro to help you…

Tempo Training

Intervals, Sweet Spot, Training with Power

by Frank Overton, January 25th, 2005 I made it out the door with about 90 min to spare before darkness and black ice would set in. What type of ride did I do? How do you go about…